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The Best Purim Costume I’ve Ever Seen…


A toddler dressed up as an old lady. They had her wobbling with a walker and she just looked the part with her cute, chubby face. She had on a white wig with a bun and a knitted cardigan sweater, and they made her appear hunchback.  She looked adorable.

Sima  Kopolovich


Anytime a family or couple does a themed costume, it’s the best. Whether it’s a family dressing up as Mario Brothers, an umpire and athlete, or cops and robbers, I just enjoy seeing the effort couples and families put into their ensembles.



I don’t know who was inside it, but someone was walking down Nostrand Avenue in an inflatable T-Rex costume and it looked very funny. Every time he took a step, it made a sound like a dinosaur roar, which just added to the hilarity of it all. 

Izzy M. 


Call me old-fashioned, but I like seeing kids dressed up in traditional costumes like Queen Esther, Mordechai, or a Kohen Gadol.  

Mrs. K. 

The crazy neighborhood cat lady! Someone dressed up in a pink bathrobe with rollers and stapled a bunch of stuffed cats all over her bathrobe. 

Bracha D. 


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