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The Best Thing About Winter Is…


Wearing layers so no one can see how much weight I put on from eating all those Chanukah donuts.

Frumie K.


Snow! Growing up in Florida, we never got snow. While most East Coasters fled to Florida for their winter vacation, my family used to travel here to enjoy the snow. Now that I live in Brooklyn, I look forward to it every year.  

Leah W.


Wearing a coat so I don’t have to worry about what my outfit looks like. Sometimes I just have my pajamas under my coat as I rush out with my kids so they can make the bus! 



No allergies! The crisp air and low humidity make breathing easier. I am not glued to my inhaler. 

Perry B.


No mosquitoes. I am allergic to mosquitos, so every summer my face, arms, and legs swell when I am bitten. 

Shani C.


Snow days! Wait! Do we still have that?

Libby Halpert


Coming into a warm home after walking home from work or shul and enjoying a nice bowl of hot soup.

Yitzchok Camhi





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