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How Do You Entertain the Kids on Long Shabbos Afternoons?


Our shul, Shaarei Shalom, started a Friday and Shabbos afternoon learning program that my kids attend.  They have independent learning and also Avos Ubanim.  It is a good and productive use of time. Not only is it a great opportunity to learn and hear a great parashah story by our Rav, but it also lets them get out of the house, play with friends, and it really breaks up the day.  

Hershy Yankovich


We walk to Saba and Savta’s house and stay for shalosh seudos. During the week everyone is busy, so visiting on Shabbos allows us to catch up and meet other grandkids while we are there.



Playdates. Playdates. Playdates. They are a life saver! My kids climb the walls on long Shabbosim. Books, games, and snacks can only last for so long before they start getting into trouble, so I make sure to arrange playdates weeks in advance.         



My kids take naps. I tell them to lie down, sit in their rooms and relax, or read a book. If they do this for an hour, I reward them with a sweet treat. Sometimes they actually end up falling asleep for a few hours. 

Shirani S.


It doesn’t always work, but I encourage my kids to join me on a walk to Marine Park. We do the circle three times.  



My kids have Pirkei Avos parties every Shabbos. It’s so nice. They invite friends over or they go to their friends’ homes and recite some pirkei avos, and then discuss it. 



I don’t feel like the day is that long. It always seems to fly by too fast.  We spend the day playing board games, engaging in sports in the backyard, and looking at family photo albums. 

Malky Kahan 


Food. We have a long Shabbos party. 

Shani Frankl


Hide in the bathroom until havdalah? 







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