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Shlomo HaMelech because he was the smartest man that ever lived and I need him to explain this crazy world to me.   

     Martin Gelb


Osnat, the wife of Yosef HaTzadik. Osnat is my Hebrew name (I was named after a great grandmother by that name) , but other than knowing that she hid in a bush and threw a bracelet at Yosef to show him her lineage, not much is known about her. I am curious to know what she was like since nothing else is written about her.  

Alina (Osnat) Mordechai


My father, a”h

Shayne Fontek


Mary Poppins because I’ve tried snapping my fingers, but nothing seems to happen.   

Leah Weiss


Avraham and Sara Emainu. They are known for their outstanding hachnasas orchim, I am always hosting unexpected guests, and I need some tips on how to make it more easy going. Tzivi Jakobovic


Mayor de Blasio, so I can ask him the questions that are on all our minds: How in the world did you manage to destroy our beloved city in a matter of months? What are you doing to help out New Yorkers?  B. Y. 


Is there any answer other than Moshiach?! 

Menachem Mendel Levy


Rabbi Meir Kahane. It is especially during turbulent times like these that we need someone with his strong and unwavering leadership to advise us. If you read his books namely Never Again!(1971) and They Must Go (1981), you will see that Rabbi Kahane had the foresight to predict the state of affairs in Israel (and aboard) if hostile forces are allowed to go unchecked. I often wonder what the great rabbi would say if he was alive today.  Hershy Y.


All the seven ushpizin at the same time.

Steve Glazer

Donald Trump. I would thank him for all he has done for us and to let him know that despite what the media says, there are many Americans, like myself, that approve of his work and are proud to call him our president. Not that he needs it, but I would give him chizuk to run for another four years. 

Benyamin Epstein


We have a large sukkah that takes up our entire deck. We built it a few years ago so we can have room for our entire family, including cousins and other distant relatives. In previous years, we have hosted up to 30 people in our modern-day hut, and it was beautiful. Sadly, because of COVID-19, I don’t see us inviting anybody, and even if we did, I doubt they would feel comfortable coming over. If I could invite anybody to my sukkah it would be the same people as last year: my family. 


Mimi Gold

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