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You Know It’s Summer When…..

You hear the melody of the ice cream truck as it strolls down your block. 

Ari Schechter

Your kids refuse to wear long -sleeved shirts anymore and change into shorts as soon as they can.

Malky Sternberg

People’s spring gardening has bloomed, and you see the colorful displays of flowers, plants, and fruits.  


People drive with their windows open, blasting their music so we all hear it from two blocks away. Mayer Silverman

You smell the smoke of barbeque grills as you walk down various blocks, and more people are eating outside.

Alex  Virnoskova

Watermelon is available in all the stores. 

 Ita Y.

Ices and ice cream are mandatory as dessert each day.


The neighborhood seems quieter and parking spots are available since so many people are in bungalow colonies or on vacation.  

Menachem Gold

You can’t go outside without getting eaten alive by those pesky mosquitos.

Miri Davidovich

Sprinklers are on at the parks and you hear the beautiful sounds of children’s laughter as they splash.  

B. Katz

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