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When the kids go to bed and I get to go through our mishloach manos pile and pick out my favorite pieces of nosh. I either eat it all that night or hide it away in my secret stash for stress relief during those extra tough days.        Gila E.

When  all the stops  have been made, and all  mishloach manos have been delivered, and we get to sit and relax as a family and enjoy the Purim seudah. I can finally put real food in my body (not junk) and eat some delicious soup, kreplach, and stuffed cabbage.   

  Elisheva Spitzer

Going house to house and seeing everybody’s costumes. I also enjoy driving through Boro Park and seeing the streets filled with people really getting into the festivities with cars blasting Jewish music.

Zevi S.

Hearing the megillah being read in shul and banging the table upon hearing  Haman’s name. Many in the past have tried to eliminate us and have failed due to divine intervention and future enemies of the Jews will continue to fail in this endeavor.

Mordechai Levy

Seeing people who normally act so serious all year round  loosen up a l’ chais and really open up and express themselves.   

Mendy Rosenberg

Sitting on the couch with the family and going through the camera and laughing at all the funny pictures we took of people and their costumes.  Esty Steiner

Seeing my kids in their adorable homemade costumes.

Rivky K.

Getting out of those itchy polyester costumes are mother insists we wear. Rivky K’s Kids

Knocking on the doors of the unaffiliated and or elderly Jews on my block and presenting them with beautiful baskets filled with Jewish foods like hamantashen, Kedem grape juice, Israeli chocolates, and my homemade challah rolls. Their faces light up with appreciation each time since they don’t normally get knocks on their door. I always hope that I have made some impression on them.

  Y. Y. 

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