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How do you pull off a fun family Chanukkah party?

Organize  activities for all the age groups, not just the kids.  You have to keep the Bubbies and Zeidys in mind as well older singles, and adults. Teens may not want to spin dreidels, so think of something else like a Chanukka music dance off competition. For the adults, in previous years, I have done an ugly Chanukkah sweater contest (it’s amazing what Amazon sells!) and a secret Hanukkah Harry. The grandparents enjoy decorated sugar cookies with the kids and also looking through old photo albums or videos. Also arrange interactive games so everyone can interact with each other Esty Kellerman

Don’t kill yourself trying to be the Jewish Martha Stewart. Get takeout!  You don’t want to miss the festivities by being cooped up in the kitchen the whole time. The kitchen will be an oily mess and you will feel resentful for doing all the work. Also, people don’t want to come to your home and deal with the smell of onions being chopped and a kitchen that  is hot, crowded and smells of gas. If you don’t want to order takeout, then make the latkes in advance and freeze them. Be present! Enjoy the party! Perry W.

One year we had each guest design their own menorah and then we had a contest for who did the best job. We put out paint, glitter, markers, and all kinds of art decor and the guests really got into it. They all left the party with a keepsake and the winner got a real silver menorah as the grand prize.   

Karaoke is always a favorite.  F. R.

Cooperation is the key to a successful party,  especially when you have a large family. It is imperative that you get everyone involved and assign them a task.  Rifky Spiro

Prepare some fun games to play and use a spreadsheet detailing everyone’s job. Also,  do a Secret Macabee for present exchange. Nechama 

Utilize everyone’s strengths and talents appropriately. Have the artistic guests plan kids’ crafts,  allow the organized people to make a schedule, and those with culinary expertise to be in charge of making the  yummy food. Shaindy W.

Have some good liquor on hand. Also, make sure to blast some good music in the background to dilute the noise of babies crying, women yapping, and to fill any moments of awkward silence.  Dov B.

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