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I guess I’m boring, but to me, nothing beats the original plain, classic cheesecake without all the frills and toppings.  I like a thick, creamy cake with a graham cracker base. Libby Gross

The non-fattening ones. Faigy Spiro

OMG! Oreo cheesecake! I love the taste of the sour cream filling topped with crunchy Oreo cookies and a nice Oreo bottom. A lot of the recipes for them are no-bake, which is another bonus. P. K.

Marble cheesecake presents elegantly at the table when sliced and has just the right amount of sweetness. It’s not hard to make either.  Mrs. Wolf

I like the tartness of a cherry cheesecake and how it looks when the red, sticky sauce drips on the side so every bite has some cherry in it. Dovid E.

Anything from Lilac & Crème! They are the best! Have you tried their Premium Cappuccino Cheesecake?! You must! They also make a delicious Lemon Solaris Cheesecake. Their cakes not only taste divine, but they also look magnificent.    Chayala Sussman

Am I crazy that I don’t like cheesecake? I’m not into dairy foods in general and eat meat and fish dishes on Shavuos.  Moishy V.

World of Chantilly sells a decadent triple chocolate cheesecake that consists of a Devil’s food cake base with a rich, creamy cheesecake that is topped with chocolate ganache. No diet in the world is worth skipping out on it.  Michal R.

My favorite is the caramel topped cheesecake. I love how the caramel tastes with the actual cake.  They also make salted caramel, but I prefer it sweet. Leah S.

There are tons of variations out there, and I feel like every year cheesecake recipes get more insane. You have your chocolate chip, cookie dough, cherry, strawberry, key lime, caramel, coffee, and tiramisu, and now you even have Nutella, peanut butter, mango, and carrot. I don’t know, call me a purist, but I like the standard New York style cheesecake.  D.S.

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