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If you had 10 minutes with President Trump, what would you tell him?

First off, I would thank him for all his hard work. I don’t know how he stays positive with all the negativity constantly thrown his way. I would encourage him to continue doing what he is doing and tell him to  ignore the naysayers. Despite what the media portrays, most Americans support him and think he is doing a great job. I would let him know that he has the backing of many Americans.

Ilan Roytman

I don’t think Trump and I could have a decent conversation because the man just likes the sound of his own voice. He is not someone who is  conducive to listening. I can see him talking over me, interrupting me, and calling me a “complete loser” if I tell him I disagree with his policies. J.B.

I would advise him to only read off the  teleprompter and to stop tweeting, or at the very least employ someone intelligent to go over his tweets before posting.

Dina Moskowitz

Thank you for standing up to liberal fools and calling out the idiosyncrasies of our overly politically correct culture. Thank you for not succumbing to the pressures of mindless snowflakes that shout nonsense and thank you for representing the good old America.

Dov G.

I would tell him how much I admire him.  He had the good life: fancy hotels, golf courses, huge profits in business, and an overall luxurious life, but he gave that all up to serve the people. He could have easily spent the remainder of his golden years relaxing and enjoying all of his riches, but he stepped up to the plate when he saw our country declining after Obama and he committed himself to fixing it.

Raya S.

You may be the leader of the free world, but never forget that G-d runs the show. How else can you explain how you won an election that everyone predicted you would surely lose? You are clearly part of some divine plan. Let this both humble you and give you strength.

Meirav Assaf

Keep draining the swamp.

Meir Silverman

You’re doing great, and you are a good friend to Jews and our only ally in the Middle East, so please tell Jared Kushner to lay off any idea of making a deal and creating peace in the Middle East. Former presidents have tried to negotiate with the Israelis and Palestinians and it always led to nothing but a waste of time. Palestinians will never want peace. They are laughing at Western world leaders who throw money at them for the potential of brokering some treaty. As the wise Golda Meir famously said, “If the Arabs lay down their arms there will be no more violence. If Israel does the same, there will be no Israel.”

Yisroel Mittman

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