Rav Moshe Feinstein penned a letter dated October 3, 1984 imploring Jews to vote.  It is especially important to vote in the primary elections. This year the primary will be held on September 13, the day after Tzom Gedalia.  The primaries weigh more heavily than does the general election, as historically the winner of the Democratic primary usually wins the general election in New York. Fewer people vote in the primaries, giving each voter who does show up more power.


Here are five current issues for the frum community which will be directly influenced by that vote.


1)  Anti Semitic incidents have more than doubled in the last year. We need a candidate who will devote more resources to combating this outrage. Security for our shuls and yeshivas must be prioritized


2) Governmental oversight of yeshiva curriculum and requirements must not interfere with self determination in the education of our children.


3) Subsidies for yeshiva funding and parochial school busing are under attack, again.  Struggling parents rely on this funding to keep tuition affordable.


4) End of life decisions must be continue to be considered a religious freedom, and not subject to populist ideas such as quality of life.


5) Up-zoning is a critical need for our communities to stay viable. It provides jobs, a higher tax base, and allows our growing families to remain in Brooklyn.


Please take five minutes to go vote on September 13th, and again in the general election on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.


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