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The Jewish Echo Visits Kosherfest

According to an old Jewish saying, there are three things that would really hit the spot in the life of a Jewish man, but unfortunately they are not meant to be: a steaming cup of tea after Kol Nidrei on Yom Kippur, a cigarette after the Shabbos day, and cholent with beer after the afikoman on Pesach. Someone is going to have to find a new ending to that pithy quip because this Pesach you can have your beer and drink it too. Welcome to Kosherfest 2017.



Want a chance to win something? Spin Meal Mart’s Wheel of Mazel and win anything from a T-shirt to a set of luggage.



JCCMP Assistant Executive Director Yitzy Weinberg is thrilled to meet Norman’s Greek I.Q. Yogurt Guy. One of the most popular hits of the day was Norman’s new dessert yogurt- Crème.


An impressive display of freshly brewed, organic, artisan teas in flavors such as Einstein’s Lavender, Yerba Mate, and Burning Bush Tea, by Sholom Tea.


An on-site candy-packaging machine, by Prime Automation.


A hot dog dressing contest by Abeles and Heymann, featuring popular Jewish social media personalities!



Printed matzos (yes, you read that right! Pictures printed onto matzah using kosher l’Pesach ink) by Matzohgram.



An array of kosher l’Pesach desserts and treats, perfect for pairing with Ginger Tipple’s  ginger beer, which is also kosher l’Pesach..



Seeing and tasting all that food can make a man hungry! Having scouted out the exhibits through the morning, we put together lunch in quick order: Sliced bread from Angels Bakery, smeared with a red wine sauce from KosherCo; sliced summer sausage from Aaron’s; and olive turkey breast from KJ Poultry. A deli sandwich needs a kosher pickle – and Guss’ Pickles had them in stock! We rounded off the meal with French fries, a raspberry chipotle dipping sauce from Mikee, and an ice-cold beer from the Pardubicky Pivovar Brewery in the Czech Republic.


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