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Community Highlights

Shulamith School for Girls of Brooklyn Annual Dinner to Honor Mr. and Mrs. Weichbrod

Founded in 1930, Shulamith School for Girls was the first Orthodox Jewish elementary school for girls in North America. Eighty-nine years later, the Shulamith School for Girls of Brooklyn will hold its 89th annual dinner at the Manhattan Beach Jewish Center on Sunday, May 12. The dor l’dor award will be presented to Mr. and Mrs. Weichbrod. Others to be honored include Miriam Klein Spiro (alumni achievement award), Mr. and Mrs. Vaisman (community service award), and Mr. and Mrs. Mavashev (parents of the year). The dinner will also be highlighted by a special video presentation from Dr. Susan Katz, a Shulamith matriarch, who in 1980 as principal founded the Shulamith high school division and continued to serve the school until retiring in 2007.

Counciman Chaim Deutsch at the Museum of Jewish Heritage on Yom HaShoah, with Councilman Deutsch : Ronald Lauder

Youth in Our Community Can Earn $2,250 This Summer by Joining NYC SYEP Youth Corps

If you are between the ages of 16 and 21 and want to get a summer job, COJO of Flatbush can help you register with the New York City SYEP (Summer Youth Employment Program) Youth Corps and get paid $15 an hour. Even if you’re not sure where you want to work, apply now so that you don’t miss the opportunity.  To apply, click application.nycSYEP.com and you will be asked to choose a provider. Click “Brooklyn” and select either Council of Jewish Organizations of Flatbush or National Society for Hebrew Day Schools. Youth not able to apply online may pick up applications at 1546 Coney Island Avenue (2nd floor), Monday through Thursday between 3 P.M. and 5 P.M.

Flatbush Satmar Bikur Cholim to Honor Rabbanit Malka Shemtov and Rebbetzin Perele Weisz

One of the most chessed rich organizations in our community, the Flatbush Satmar Bikur Cholim, will hold its annual spring tea at Ateres Chynka Hall on Tuesday, May 14 at 7:30 P.M. The guests of honor will be Rabbanit Malka Shemtov and Rebbetzin Perele Weisz. Others to be honored at the tea include Raizy Zicherman;  Dr. Todd B. Soifer; Nachum Weingarten, medical director of operations at Ohel; Rivky (Safier) Katz; Sori Preiserowicz; and Shanie Stern.

ICHH Conference Continues Campaign to Increase Security on Har Hazeisim

The ICHH (International Committee for Har Hazeisim), a Flatbush-based organization created to increase security on Har Hazeisim, recently conducted a major conference at Congregation Chasdei Gur on Ocean Avenue. Among those who updated the participants on what has been done to improve security at the historic Jerusalem cemetery were Mr. Avrohom Lubinsky, chairman of the ICHH; Mr. Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of major American Jewish Presidents; and Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel, executive vice president of Agudath Israel of America. Due to the prodding of the ICHH, the restored security has resulted in more than 2,000 people visiting Har Hazeisim every day, compared to less than 200 visitors a day in 2016.

Agudath Israel Encourages Jews Around the World to be Mesayem a Mesechta

Tens of thousands of men and post-bar mitzvah boys are looking forward to filling up the  seats at MetLife Stadium on January 1, 2020 for the next Siyum Hashas celebration. The event, orchestrated by the Agudath Israel of America, has launched a chavrei hasiyum campaign to encourage mesaymim, uniting with kehilos worldwide to finish Shas. For more details, call (732) 844-0530.

Torah Umesorah 75th Anniversary Dinner

Torah Umesorah, celebrating 75 years of Torah Chinuch in North America, will hold its annual dinner at the Brooklyn Marriott on Sunday, June 16.  Practically every out-of-town day school and many yeshivos in the New York Metropolitan area owe a large measure of hakaras hatov to the assistance of Torah Umesorah. A special highlight of this year’s annual dinner will be a tribute to three of America’s leading Roshei Yeshivah who continue in the path of their illustrious fathers,  Rav Dovid Feinstein, Rav Malkiel Kotler, and Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky, shlita. Nine executive board members of Torah Umesorah have been chosen as guests of honor as well: Avrohom Fruchthandler, Mark Kutoff, Pinchos Lipschutz, Yehuda Avrohom Most, Leiby Oberlander, Yitzchok Perlstein, Yaakov Rajchenbach, Jeffrey Welskopf, and Shmuel Zentman.

Torah Vodaath Appoints Rabbi Yehuda Deutsch as Yeshiva Ketanah General Studies Principal

Since its establishment almost a century ago, Yeshiva Torah Vodaath has prided itself on its excellent dual curriculum. The yeshiva’s hanhala and board of directors was pleased to announce the recent appointment of Rabbi Yehuda Deutsch   as the Yeshiva Ketanah general studies principal beginning in September 2019. He brings to his new position many years of experience as a caring teacher and principal. He looks forward to developing an innovative curriculum that will be enhanced by his commitment to work together with teachers and parents for the benefit of the students.

National Prayer breakfast at the White House
Even on Yom HaShoah, anti Semitism is alive and well here in Southern Brooklyn, with two swastikas found in the last 24 hours outside prominent Jewish establishments. Thank you @NYPD70pct and @NYPD63pct for the quick response.

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