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JCCMP to Sponsor Annual Pre-Purim Blast for Singles

The Jewish Community Center of Marine Park in conjunction with the Multicultural Project will sponsor the Annual Pre-Purim Blast for singles at the Bridge Multicultural Center on Sunday, March 10. Admission of $36 will benefit the JCCMP’s Project Machal that helps needy families in our community with their weekly food bills. The event will include musical entertainment with an exciting lineup of famous professional singers, along with a smorgasbord of delicacies (including hot and cold dishes), and a wine bar provided by Royal Wine Corp. and Liquors Galore. The exciting program, presented by Baila Sebrow Events, LLC, will also include shadchanim and facilitators along with a chance to win raffle prizes. For more information please call (516) 849-5863 or email bsebrow@aol.com.

OHEL Bais Ezra’s Overnight Program for Autism

Do you have or know children, teens, or young adults on the Autism spectrum who are awake all night? OHEL Bais Ezra is offering at its OHEL Jaffa Family Campus a free overnight program for such individuals. The program runs from 8 P.M. to A.M for 10 weeks for one night weekly, and will offer one- on- one staffing as well as snacks and breakfast. This innovative program is being funded by a grant from the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the NYC Council.

Rav Doniel Katz and Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz Lectures at RAJE  

Last month, RAJE (Russian American Jewish Experience), a kiruv group working with members of the Russian community, sponsored lectures by two popular Torah speakers. Rabbi Doniel Katz, an Australian baal teshuvah and former award-winning filmmaker and theater director, spoke about “The Kabbalistic Definition of Ahava and How it Can Heal Our Marriages, Relationships, and this Divided Nation.” Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz, a prominent inspirational speaker and well-known expert in Jewish medical ethics, addressed the topic of “The Mystery of Free Will.”

Bnos Leah Prospect Park Yeshiva Dinner

The annual dinner of Bnos Leah Prospect Park Yeshiva took place at El Caribe and honored the school’s highly acclaimed menahel, Rabbi Eliezer Stern, with the Harbotzas Torah award. Also honored at the dinner were Mr. and Mrs. Dov Nierenberg (parents of the year award) and Dr. Abish Mendel (Hakoras Hatov award).

Bobov-45 Celebrates Rededication of $37 Million 150,000 Square Foot School

Bobov-45 in Boro Park recently completed construction of a 150,000 square foot edifice. It will serve 2,000 girls in 120 classrooms and educational areas, four large auditoriums, and 56 offices. The acquisition of the original 37,000 square foot building was made possible by a generous donation from the famed philanthropist and supporter of Torah education, Rabbi Benzion Dunner, z”l. The $14 million cost for the extensive renovation project was paid through generous contributions of many members in the Bobob-45 community including Rabbi Leibish Scharf, z”l.

Merkaz Yisroel Marine Park Jewish  Center Invites Rabbi Daniel Mechanic

for Shabbos of Achdus  

The Merkaz Yisroel Marine Park Jewish Center, in conjunction with the Jewish Community Council of Marine Park, invites the community to participate in an inspiring Shabbos of achdus on Parashas Vayakhel, March 1 and 2.  Rabbi Daniel Mechanic, founder and director of Project Chazon, will join the community for a special event as the Shabbos Scholar in Residence where he will discuss “Responding to Challenging Questions”  on Friday night; “Inspiring Our Children, Promoting Achdus”  on Shabbos morning; “The Secret to Keeping Our Children on the Derech”  during Shabbos lunch;  and “You Have Questions – We Got Answers” and “My Conversation with Hollywood Stars” during  shalosh seudos.

Community Asked to Continue Praying on

Behalf of the Skulener Rebbe

Following the advice of medical experts, the Skulener Rebbe, shlita, was taken to the world-renowned Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore last month as he continues to battle a lung infection. Hundreds of people participated in a special atzeres tefillah at the Skulener beis medrash where they prayed for the Rebbe’s speedy recovery.  The Rebbe’s family pleads with Klal Yisrael to continue davening  for  the Rebbe’s, (Rav Yisroel Avraham ben Sheina Rochel) well-being.

Councilman Deutsch’s Hate Crimes Outreach and Education Bill Passed by City Council

A disturbing rise in hate crimes in New York City propelled Councilman Chaim Deutsch, chair of the New York City Council’s Jewish Caucus, to introduce legislation that requires a new mayoral office to preside over hate crimes outreach and education throughout New York City. The bill was co-sponsored by Councilman Donovan Richards and will also work with a law introduced by Councilman Mark Levine that creates a  Hate Crimes Prevention Office under the Mayor’s jurisdiction.

Yeshiva Torah Vodaath’s Centenary Anniversary Siyum HaTorah

Yeshivah Torah Vodaath was founded in 1919. This year, a year-long celebration of the world-renowned makom haTorah is including efforts to complete studies of Tanach, Mishnayos, and Shas. A major event in this centenary celebration that coincided with the third yahrtzeit of Rav Yisroel Belsky, zt”l,  was a siyum haTorah. Rabbi Dovid Goldstein, son-in-law of Rav Belsky, delivered a shiur iyun. The siyum was also highlighted by an address by Rabbi Yitzchok Lichstenstein, Rosh Yeshivah at Torah Vodath, and Rabbi Yosef Savitsky, Rosh Yeshivah of Torah Vodaath, who dealt with the topic of ameilus b’Torah.

Rabbi Boruch Pesach Mendelson addressing the crowd at the Khila
Marine Park annual melave malkah on February 16.

State Senator Andrew Gounardes visiting the JCCMP Sunday Girls
Club. He asked the girls what they would like done to make New York
better. One girl raised her hand and suggested that a new water park
be built in the community!

Press conference held in Marine Park by Mayor DeBlasio addressing
recent anti-Semitic incidents.

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