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Hazard House of Toys

Nancy Duchovnay’s house is a kid’s dream home. Every inch of her dwelling space, including the kitchen and bathroom is brimming with literally thousands of every toy imaginable. In fact, she has so many that local firefighters have declared her home a danger due to its potential of becoming a fire hazard. “The Toy Lady of Jacksonville,” as she is often called, is being forced to clean up and move out. Nancy doesn’t just play with the toys; she also uses them for gifts and charity. Following a surprise inspection, Nancy landlord served her an eviction notice and after 12 years of living in her residence, she was told she must relocate. “I don’t understand why my hobby has become such an issue,” she complained, adding that wherever she moves next, the toys are coming with her. I wonder if Toys R Us has any vacancies.

Kid Summer Curfew

Not only do kids have to answer to their parents, but if you live in Baltimore, you also have to answer to the city on why you are home so late. Baltimore kids actually have a legal curfew. Until the end of August, children age 9 and younger cannot be out past 9 p.m. and 14 to 16 year olds can only be out until 11 p.m. If someone chooses to violate the curfew, they will be transported to their school or home and their parents will be notified of the violation. In case of nighttime curfew violation, kids will be taken to a Youth Connection Center (YCC), where they will wait for a parent or guardian to pick them up. If no parent or adult can be located, or if no one arrives to take charge of the young person by 4 a.m., they will either be returned home (if a parent or guardian has been contacted) or referred to Baltimore City Department of Social Services (DSS). Baltimore is not the only place to institute curfews; kids in Kansas, Denver, San Diego and Albany have a summer curfew as well. Let’s hope Brooklyn doesn’t follow.

See Ya Later Alligator; I’m Going for a Swim

Everyone could use a cool dip in the pool during these hot, summer days, even an alligator. A Florida family was shocked when they went to their backyard and saw an eight-foot gator swimming in their pool. The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office together with Florida Fish and Wildlife responded to the call and relocated the animal to a more appropriate location.

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