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A Return from Afar to Fish’s Eddy, New York,/ As I Yearn for Adar 5780 to Work

{sung to the tune of “Oh!  Indigestion from Eating Prune Hamentaschen,” in the key of B# minor}

Readers, do you all remember old Fish’s Eddy?

It’s that magical place off New York State’s Route 17

Where the honorary mayor (you know who I mean)

Is preparing his Purim feast for the year 5780.

Years ago, I described in terms that were glowing

The variety and abundance of fish that he served

To his guests from afar who eagerly travelled by roads both straight and just curved

Since they knew that to his unique fishy house in Adar they were going.

Ah! The flounder, the salmon, the perch, and the trout

That adorned the mayor’s most magnificent tisch.

Oh yes, the mayor is none other than R’ Eddie HaLeivi Go-Fysch

(You know—I can’t believe it!—his name I almost left out!)

Shall I mention the herring, the carp, and the pickerel,

The blackfish, the whitefish, and all shades in between,

The mackerel (that tastes good on a cracker’l)?

Ah! All kosher fish that are fit for a queen.

Indeed, Mayor Eddie is as sure as his praises which I sing

That our famous Queen Esther had served at her royal party

On both days to Homon Harasha and to his buddy, the king,

Fish in abundance. Was she ever a smarty!

Since fish symbolize Hashem’s watchful tzugang

And the fruitfulness of all b’nei Yisroel (hey, that’s real neat!),

You just know that Homon could taste his defeat 

In the fish meal he devoured on the day he was hanged.

Mayor R’ Eddie knew the story of Purim so well

That to remind us of Esther he served us red snapper.

“Look, it’s kosher: it’s got kaskesses and snapir,

A remembrance of Queen Esther’s parties that sure rings a bell.”

As his Purim seudah was about to finish,

The Mayor, R’ Eddie of Fish’s Eddy was set to reply,

“I’ll miss all my guests and the fish, from head to tail, since they’re so ‘fin-ish’;

Here in Fish’s Eddy, I am truly one fishy guy.”

So next year when you yearn to make your seudah

In the fishiest place that you ever did see,

Join Mayor R’ Eddie and me and be sure you’re in the mood-ah

To journey down Route 17 to the only place on Earth where to be.

Yes, make sure to attend the most heilige tisch

Of the honorary mayor of Fish’s Eddy, R’ Eddie Haleivi Go-Fysch,

And rejoice with the mayor at a feast so delish

That to return there forever on Purim will become your “sole” wish.


A frielichen Purim, dear readers and talmidim!   {hillyarm@yeshivanet.com}

Of kosher varieties of seafood I’’l get a big kick

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