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Hey! That “Simchah Guy” Needs YOU! R

Background: For the past two or three years, a rumor has circulated throughout the Northeast about a character who mysteriously appears after learning and davening at the neitz minyan in certain shuls in Lakewood, New Jersey. Witnesses say that he has had an unbelievable effect on those who have taken his earnest little message to heart—even that this message has undoubtedly changed their lives. Of course, after he delivers his heartfelt plea, he simply evanesces (go on, look it up!).

As the local representative of Marine Park’s The Jewish Echo, I was able to pull some strings and enlist the aid of the CHATOPARK Location Services, LLC, to find Mr. Simcha Guy, as he is known in central New Jersey. What follows, then, is Mr. Guy’s emotional description of what he believes to be his mission here on Earth at this (Purim and Pesach) season.

My readers will, of course, forgive me for rendering my interview with Simcha Guy as poetry and as answers to the deeply personal questions which I put to him.  {Incidentally, I tried to keep my emotions out of this “interview” as best I could.}


Mr. Guy appeared at the end of Shacharis in the month of Adar;

The gleam in his eyes could be seen from afar.

After the last Kaddish he emerged (to no one’s surprise)

Dressed outlandishly, a marvelous disguise.

As tallis and tefillin were being put away,

Mr. Guy asserted he just couldn’t stay.

But a message he had for one and all to hear:

“Just listen to me—and you’ll have a great year!”

He shouted out loud, “Mishehnichnas Adar,

Marbin b’simcha: Why, it’s made me a star

At this time of year when the world’s full of worry—

And there’s no time for others: we’re all in a hurry!

“But that’s not the Jewish way, neither now nor in summer,

Being a sour-face just makes you a bummer!

I’m here to tell you Adar’s message—that it’s a mitzvah on high

To make others happy, and I’ll tell you now why.

“You see, to show the world a face that’s a pickle

Proves  that your faith in Hashem is so fickle.

Your countenance to others is a r’shus harabim,

So during Adar b’simchah you’ve got to be marbim.

“Now you understand why at the end of each morning’s prayers

I suddenly appear from nowhere—so as to startle everyone there!

Each day’s a new costume, a new guise to assume,

(Hey, maybe tomorrow I’ll dress up as a broom!).

“But it’s the message that matters—and it’s always the same:

In the month of Adar to be sad is a shame.

In other words, if you really want to avoid a disgrace

Try hard this month not to be a pickle-face.

“And not just this month: Let the simchah continue

Throughout the whole year at all times and each venue.

And that is the reason my name’s Simchah Guy—

With a lineage so noble and with spirits so high!

“Well, it’s time now to end these few words; I hope you could endure ‘em.

I’ve got to scurry along and get ready for Purim.

Remember my message; be sure not to abuse it

Cultivate your sense of simchah—and never excuse it!

“As I prepare to disappear, hear my call from afar:

Marbin b’simchah—mishenichnas Adar.”  

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