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NOTE: After receiving a flood of protest letters from all over the world, El Nuevo Dia published a heartfelt apology taking full responsibility for their lapse in judgement allowing this to be published. They have since removed the article from their website.

Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico’s on September 20, 2017, killing 55 people and decimating its infrastructure. Over 100 days later, about half of the island is still without power, and victims wonder why so little progress has been made relative to relief efforts made in other US cities affected by disaster, such as Houston and Miami.  El Nuevo Dia, Puerto Rico’s largest newspaper, published a column blaming “the Jews” who control Congress and Wall Street for withholding aid.
This is an open letter to Wilda Rodríguez, who recently wrote that column titled “What does “the jew” want with the colony?”
Dear Ms. Rodríguez,
Congratulations on the widespread fame of your recent article, “¿Qué quiere “el judío” con la colonia?“, and to your newspaper for allowing such freedom of expression in an era of political correctness.  Your assertion that “The Congress will finally do what “the Jew” wants” has a familiar ring to it, and it is important to remind the world who is truly in control of the power. Reports of this conspiracy have died down since the end of World War II, but seem to be on the rise again, and it is important to keep up this fight so people know what is really going on behind the scenes. I feel certain that your writing is worthy of such fine publications as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion or even Der Stürmer. Unfortunately you may have missed the deadline, as these are long gone, their founders long dead. That is why it is now critical for your voice to be heard.
I would have been concerned that your subsequent clarification and that of your newspaper might lessen the potency of your convictions, however I need not have worried. “Lamento profundamente que se interprete un escrito mío como antisemita.”, or “I deeply regret that my writing is interpreted as anti-Semitic”. That is not an apology at all, is it? It flips the blame back on the reader for “misinterpreting” your words. Good for you! I say stick to your guns and keep telling the world that “el judío” has the power. I agree with you one hundred percent, my own Jewish lineage notwithstanding. Allow me to provide you with some of the insider details about Jewish power.
When I first heard about the hurricane in Puerto Rico I did not know a single soul on the island, nor had I ever been there. I was soon in contact with other people of similar mind in order to learn what we as private individuals could do to assist.  We held an event at a local restaurant to gather supplies to be sent to the island.  I personally went to a local retailer and purchased enough soap, shampoo, gloves, batteries, baby wipes, first aid kits, and cleaning supplies to fill my car, then brought them to the collection. At that event I met some people who grew up in Puerto Rico, and who still had family on the Island. They were the first to let me know, back in early October, that most of the Island would not have power for up to a year.
That gave me the idea to create www.solarpower2thepeople.org to raise money to send solar generators and solar panels to Puerto Rico. These generators do not need gas or other fuel, as they create power from the sun. They can be used to charge a laptop, a cellphone, or even power a fan or small refrigerator.  Because I am Jewish, I naturally searched for a local Rabbi in Puerto Rico to help me distribute these critically needed generators. I found Rabbi Mendel Zarchi, a representative of the Chabad sect of Judaism, who was already well underway with relief efforts.  He had already teamed up with an established Jewish organization called Masbia to appeal to the greater Jewish community for immediate funds to send disaster relief. I invite you to view his website at www.chabadpr.com for details of his worldwide appeal, or the Masbia site for the same at http://www.masbia.org/puertorico.
It is there that you will find the source of Jewish Power. Jews are given the power to feel the pain of their neighbors.  Jews are taught the power of charity for alleviating suffering, not only for other Jews, but for all humanity. We are even empowered by the teaching in our Torah not to cause pain to animals. The Torah is the secret to Jewish Power. Anyone wishing to bring us down has a couple of millennia’s worth of predecessors who now exist only in history books.
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