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Welcome to another round of Jewish music 101, bringing you the latest and greatest in current Jewish music! Due to a high volume of recent releases we’ve got a lot of music to get through today, so buckle up and get ready!  

Long for the Day – Tani Polansky – Tani has been a go-to musician and vocalist for a number of years at kumzitz; he is also well-known for his inimitable musical havdalah. Tani has now released his debut single! “Long for the Day” is a message to all that although there may be troubles in life, deep inside we all have the strength to push past them. This song, expertly produced by Shmuel Modes, has a great vibe and amazing lyrics written by Tani himself. 

Kavei – Waterbury Mesivta – You’ve definitely heard at least one song over the last year or two from the Waterbury Mesivta (or the album Stay with Me) and one thing is for sure, the Waterbury Yeshiva has a ton of talent! I’ve been privileged to produce music for them for the past two years and this new track is one that I had the pleasure of producing as well. “Kavei” composed by Dovid Levinger and featuring vocals by Eli Dachs, Shlomo Ghoori, and awesome backing vocals by Moyo Orlofsky is just another example of the amazing talent and heart that comes from the Waterbury Boys. 

Hareini – Benny Friedman – We’ve all been waiting patiently for new music from Benny Friedman and as the new album gets wrapped up for us to enjoy, Benny has at least done us the favor of releasing a single off the album so we can start to get excited! This track, arranged by Ian Freitor and Daniel Kapler, is filled with amazing energy and does a great job of reminding us of the importance of veahavta lereiacha kamocha! This song also features two of Benny’s sons, Shalom and Dovid, who do an excellent job in contributing to the track.  

Mitzvah Gedola – Mikey Mocton – While it may be common to come across electronic dance music with Breslov-themed lyrics produced in Israel and typically played through the streets in Uman, less common is similar music being produced out of the UK. Mikey Mocton’s new track “Mitzvah Gedola” definitely comes to the Uman standard! This track, produced by Jack Shore, features lyrics reminding us just how important it is (and how big of a mitzvah it is) to be happy!   

Pull Me Closer – Waterbury Mesivta – As mentioned earlier in this article, the Waterbury Mesivta has become synonymous with the word talent. This track is no different! Produced and arranged by Aryeh Kunstler and written by Moyo Orlofsky, Eli Dachs, and Gavriel Reichman, this is a powerful tefillah for those looking to connect with Hashem.  

When The Sea Split – Zusha – Starting with their first EP, Zusha has become world-renowned for their down to earth, relaxing, and thought-provoking music. To date, many of their songs have become extremely popular at kumzitz, or for those looking for vibey meditation music. This album is a beautiful addition to their discography. The album features twelve tracks, some of which give the listener a glimpse into their songwriting process and general personalities.  

The Album – Baruch Naftel – Baruch Naftel started off his singing career as a child soloist in his yeshivah choir. Over the last number of years, Baruch has performed at many weddings and concerts, and as a baal tefillah for the Yamim Nora’im, all across the country and abroad.

On his musical journey, Baruch has released many successful singles and has been a featured vocalist on many other albums currently available digitally and in stores. After a number of years in the works, I am extremely proud of this album as the producer. I had the great pleasure of teaming up with Aryeh Kunstler as well as a number of other super talented musicians, choirs, and vocalists to create this album. Featuring fourteen tracks with everything from EDM, to soulful ballads, freilach songs to hartzige nigunim, (and even a dash of country), this album has the perfect blend of compositions and arrangements for everyone to enjoy!

Seder Havoda – Ishay Ribo – Ishay Ribo has made quite a splash ever since the start of his musical career. While there may be songs out there composed by just adding a tune to a posuk, Ishay’s music is on a whole new level. Listen to some of his tunes and you will see right away how the arrangement of every song and the composition of every song fit perfectly together. This track is the second single of Ishay’s upcoming album. Though many will be familiar with the typical arrangement for Ishay’s music being guitar or piano-driven, this song was arranged with a large orchestra to give the listener a small taste of what it may have been like to hear the Yom Kippur davening in the Beis Hamikdash. 

________Hillel Kapnick is a Producer/Singer/Musician/DJ based in Monsey NY. He owns and operates Uptop Recording Studios (Monsey, NY) , and sings and plays at Simchas as a One Man Band/Singer and DJ. Hillel can be reached for questions, comments, or bookings at hillel@hillelkaps.com or through Instagram @hillelkaps

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