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Now that we’ve made it through Sefiras Haomer, it’s time to get back to the Music! However, before we do that, with the 3 weeks coming up sooner than we all expect, I’d like to bring your attention to a few more acapella releases that didn’t come out until after the Review of songs and albums I wrote specifically for Sefiras Haomer. Let’s get to it!

  1. The Vocal Collection 5 – MRM Music – After 4 volumes in the “Vocal Collection Series”, you might think that MRM Music would run out of material, but fear not! This album is filled with 16 acapella tracks with artists ranging from Shloime Kaufman, Yossi Lebowitz, and Dovid Gabay, to rising stars Dan Poleyeff, Yaakov Markowitz and more! This album has a very diverse range of styles which will help the listener to develop their musical palate and will definitely help ease the period of the 3 weeks when we go back into “Acaepalla-mode”
  1. A Kumzits in the Rain 4 – After producing the Avrumi Spitz & Joey Newcomb, along with the single “Never Give Up” from Eli Levin, you might wonder how Doni Gross has time to pump out so many amazing projects. Well, get ready to be amazed, because along with all of those, there is a new Kumzits in the Rain! This Album features amazing child soloists as well as Joey Newcomb, Tzvi Silberstein, Shlomo Simcha, and Dovid Pearlman all singing the songs of Rabbi Baruch Levine.
  1. A Perfect World – Shloime Kaufman – Shloime Kaufman is not only a sought after wedding singer, but a brilliant acapella artists as you may have heard from his past releases along with his guest spots on the A.K.A. Pella albums throughout the years. Shloime is back with a fresh new track for us, this time covering the song “Perfect World” originally performed by Yaakov Shwekey. This song was composed by Yitzy Waldner with lyrics by Miriam Israeli. Mordy Weinstein and Craig Resmovits both did a fantastic job producing this track!
  1. Ki Ani Yehudi – Meir Green – Following the success of his single “Ki Ani Yehudi”, Meir Green has decided to bring this hit song to the fans of acapella music. Arranged by Sharon Avilchak and Udi David, this song is a real treat for those fans of the original single.
  1. Yonatan Stern – Koli – Yonatan Stern has made quite a name for himself as a singer in Israel and is now releasing a full length acapella album so that everyone around the world can enjoy his singing as well. This album features ten tracks with some original songs, some covers, and all around great acapella!  
  1. Acapella Soul 6 – Ari Goldwag – Ari Goldwag has done it all! From being a superstar in the singing world to producing a number of amazing projects, from performing all over the world to releasing a number of successful solo albums, and 5 brilliant acapella albums. This album is the latest in the “A Capella Soul” Series and is just as amazing as the other 5! This album features a number of original Ari Goldwag compositions, as well as some covers of extremely popular songs such as “Ribon” as performed by Beri Weber, “Alef Beis Gimmel” as performed by Yaakov Shwekey, and “Mach a Bracha”, as performed by Shmuli Ungar. This album is the perfect addition to anyone’s acapella collection!
  1. Eliyahu Hanavi – Hillel Kapnick – I couldn’t possibly write an article on new acapella music and not mention my own release! I’m excited to announce the release of my cover of the song “Eliyahu Hanavi” as made popular by Sruly Lipschitz and Dudi Feldman. This song has been making the rounds since its release, and I think this will be a nice addition to the original version. This cover also features original English lyrics so definitely keep an ear out for those!
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