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Purim is finally here! While your biggest Purim decisions may be costume and mishloach manos choices, there are many who focus their energies on finding the perfect CD to get them into the Purim spirit. Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered in that department!

Hey Ha – Uzi Bodner – Uzi Bodner has made his mark on the simchah scene, performing at many events. After releasing two singles, Uzi has finally released his debut album! Produced by Yochi Briskman, this album features a super-talented cast of arrangers, producers, composers, and musicians! “Hey Ha”, the title track, will have you bouncing through Purim.

To Be a Yid – Joey Newcomb –  Joey Newcomb has made quite an impression with his singles “Bnei Hamelech” and “Borei.” Joey has proven his ability to bring Jewish people from all walks of life together and get them dancing. Whether you play the upbeat tracks from his debut album over Purim, or if you choose to focus on the slower songs with more of a “kumzitzy” feel, there’s no doubt you’ll be hearing some of Joey’s music throughout Purim and beyond. This album, produced by Doni Gross, is a year round hit.

Shirei Pinchas 4 – Pinchas Wolf – Reb Pinchas Wolf is back with his fourth album featuring vocalists such as Shlomo Simcha, Micha Gamerman, Tzvi Silberstein, and Dovid Lowy. There’s something for everyone on this album, from slow hartzige compositions, to upbeat songs that will get you up and dancing! Throughout his albums, Reb Pinchas has shown us his diversity in arrangements and musical styles, and on this one there’s a special surprise: Reb Pinchas Wolf himself is one of the vocalists! As if composing such a large number of beautiful songs wasn’t enough, you will hear that Reb Pinchas has quite a  nice voice as well.

Yaamod – Shea Berko –  Shea Berko has been known for quite a while now as one of the most sought after wedding singers for both his vocal talent as well as his energy and stage presence. This single, composed by Leiby Moskowitz, features catchy lyrics and a great arrangement by Shimon Strohli. After hearing this, I can’t wait to see what else Shea has in store for us!

Vibe – Moish Wilshansky – Moish has quickly risen from being a new voice in the Jewish music world, to a vocalist who is sought after for chuppahs, dancing, and concerts around the country! I have been privileged to see Moish perform on a number of occasions, and I can attest to the energy he brings into the room when he starts a show. Moish has finally released this debut single produced by Moshe Ackerman featuring a cool lyric video. If you hear music blasting from a car over Purim, there’s a good chance it’s this one!

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