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L’zchus Refuah Shelaima for Alter Mordechai Tzvi ben Eka Breina



5/21 – Mr. and Mrs. Shalom and Tova Lichtenstein on the birth of a girl!
5/21 – Mr. and Mrs. Chaim Ozer Lederfeind on the birth of a boy!
5/21 – Mr. and Mrs. Nechemia Blatter on the birth of a boy!
5/28 – Mr. and Mrs. Dovid Schloss on the pidyon haben of their grandson! Also to parents Mr. and Mrs. Yona and Miriam Schuster!
6/25 – Rabbi and Mrs. Mordechai Rokeach on the birth of a great grandson!
7/9 – Mr. and Mrs. Sruli Rosenberg on becoming grandparents on the birth of a grandson!
8/1 – Mr. and Mrs. Yefet Sharabi on the birth of a girl!
8/8 – Mr. and Mrs. Arye and Lori Jacobs on becoming grandparents on the birth of a granddaughter!

5/21 – Mr. and Mrs. Elan and Vicky Strobel on Moshe’s bar mitzvah!
5/21 – Rabbi and Rebbetzin Nachman Yosef Twersky on their grandson’s bar mitzvah!
6/5 – Mr. and Mrs. Dovid and Ettie Stern on Zachariah’s bar mitzvah!
6/2 – Mr. and Mrs. Yaakov Ziegler on Moshe Baruch’s putting on tefillin!
6/4 – Mr. and Mrs. Yitzi Greenstein on Elazar’s bar mitzvah!
6/4 – Mr. and Mrs. Zevi and Hindy Wolman on Shmuel’s bar mitzvah!
6/12 – Mr. and Mrs. Meir and Ilana Whiteman on Eli’s bar mitzvah!
6/11 – Mr. and Mrs. Avraham Eisenberg on Refael Shmuel’s bar mitzvah!
7/26 – Mr. and Mrs. Shloimy and Baila Zafir on Eli’s putting on tefillin!
7/31 – Mr. and Mrs. Burry and Aviva Katz on Chaim Shalom’s bar mitzvah!
8/7 – Mr. and Mrs. Avi Goldstein on Yitzi’s bar mitzvah!

6/4 – Mr. and Mrs. Shloime and Baila Drillick on Kalman’s recent marriage to Aviva Tarlow from Lakewood!
6/10 – Mr. and Mrs. Simcha Schonfeld on Michal’s engagement to Chaim Simon!
6/11 – Mr. and Mrs. Chaim and Simie Terebelo  on Meir’s recent marriage to Miriam Glatzer! Also to Mr. and Mrs. Yehuda and Shavie Glatzer!
6/11 – Mr. and Mrs. Arye and Rachel Kreiser on Moshe’s recent marriage to Chani Tilllim of Kensington!
6/18 – Mr. and Mrs. Uri and Golda Deblinger on Shloime’s recent marriage to Ruchi Speigel of Staten Island!
6/25 – Mr. and Mrs. David Glass on their daughter’s engagement!
7/7 – Rabbi and Mrs. Arthur and Aviva Marks on Devorah’s engagement to Eli Lehman from Lakewood!
7/16 – Mr. and Mrs. Yossi and Rochel Lea Odes on Chavi’s engagement to Ephraim Gold! Also to Mr. and Mrs. Avi and Avigail Gold!


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