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Morris Khalifa


Business Name and Position: The Vue Hall, Owner

Location: 3007 Nostrand Avenue

Number of Employees: 18



  1. What made you open a simchah hall? And why in Marine Park?

We observed that the community was growing, yet there was no adequate hall located locally to accommodate peoples’ occasions for various parties and budgets.

We decided to open a simchah venue so we can fulfill the needs of the community by offering a beautiful local hall, which is affordable in an elegant atmosphere.


2. What tips can you offer for those on a budget to make the most of their simchah?

We tell our clients to set a budget, stick with it. We also advise them not to feel pressured to match or copy what other people do, because no matter what, their simchah will be uniquely beautiful.   


     3.What are the newest trends that you have observed in today’s simchos?

Many people have started using DJs instead of a full- band. Not only does that save money, but they can play a variety of songs just like a band would. They also take up less space, allowing more room for dancing.


     4. In your opinion, what’s the most important feature of an event: the food, music, entertainment, or décor?

There is nothing like good food and a nice presentation.


     5. Has there ever been a time when a key person of the event – such as the florist or photographer – failed to show up?

Baruch Hashem, we have not had that situation. We have a well-experienced staff that plans and coordinates with the family to execute the event to perfection. Our experienced team prides itself on the relationship they have with many vendors so that if someone were to get in that situation, we have many other people to call on.


     6. What makes The Vue stand out among other halls?

Our new, modern updated facility, and our expertise working with every simchah, from Ashkenazi to Sephardi. We have and will continue to collaborate with you, any caterer, florist, and music ensemble. We can work within your budget and deliver a simchah above your expectations.


      7. What is the most memorable affair you recall hosting?

One of the most recent events that stands out to me was a simchah of a family who has been through a lot. People came from all over to help participate and partake in this family’s simchah. We coordinated everything to make that event a magical night for all to remember.

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