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Spotlight on… Tanya Rosen, M.S. CAI CPT

Business Name and Position: Nutrition by Tanya, CEO and Founder

Years in Business: 15

Number of Employees:  Close to 50

You have 10 locations with a reported 10,000 clients. To what do you attribute the success of

your business?

We have 13 locations actually, baruch Hashem! We can be found in Boro Park, Flatbush, Williamsburg, Queens, Five Towns, Lakewood, Deal, Clifton, Monsey, Boca Raton, Jerusalem, and upstate New York. 

I attribute our success to a few things. Number one, Hashem really loves what we’re doing; and then comes our personal and practical approach. We treat each client as an individual and guide them along the way, with lots of communication throughout the week and lots of warmth. We offer clients a normal eating plan, not a diet. No one feels hungry or deprived.

How can you offer personalized attention with such a large company?

Great question! Every location has a manager who is as attentive and as caring as I am. I know

all my clients’ names and stories, and I remember everything they tell me; it’s just “my thing.” All

sessions are one-on-one, so I do get to know my clients very well. The fact that we offer texting 

throughout the week also helps us get to know everyone even better.

You originally aspired to be a lawyer.  What is your background in the health and nutrition


After gaining over 50 pounds during my first pregnancy, I got very into healthy eating and exercise,

and I decided to change my field of study. I have degrees and specialty certificates in nutrition,

fitness, and even life coaching.

How does your diet program differ  than a Weight Watchers program?

It’s easy to follow but gives you the structure that a group program or one where you have too many choices doesn’t. The one-on-one relationship and accountability is also a huge factor which helps people succeed.

You created a TAP (Tanya Approved Products) line, and some restaurants even offer a

Tanya menu. How did you achieve this? 

Restaurants usually approach us because their customers are asking for it. Our clients want to

feel comfortable ordering from the menu knowing what the healthiest choices are.

It usually doesn’t take a whole overhaul, just some minor tweaks which make all the difference.

We have several manufacturers for our food. Most of the recipes are created by either me or Basya Kovacs.

How do you ensure that a client doesn’t take it too far and develop unhealthy eating habits?

Because of the high involvement and one-on-one time, we get to hear a lot and monitor a lot. It

rarely happens since our plan is so normal and balanced so there is no deprivation or unhealthy

behaviors towards food. Even more so, our attitude is positive and loving, and we view food as

good, not bad.

What can parents or community leaders do to encourage better health and nutrition habits?

Role model. How we act in front of our kids in relation to food impacts their own behaviors and

thoughts. Role model a positive attitude and healthy eating habits. Educate, don’t preach or demean. Teach children the benefits of healthy eating and about the food groups. Give them the knowledge to want to eat better.

Where do you see Nutrition by Tanya in the next 10 years?

Honestly, while I’m always growth oriented, my main goal has always been to maintain the

same level of personalized I offer each client. Having said that, if I can find more amazing people to

do what we all do, I would love to have branches everywhere! I would also love to grow the

food line further and add even more products. We are about to release our first cookbook followed closely by a second one, which will be gluten-free. I foresee a whole line of those, in addition to the book I’m almost done writing. I always get asked if I plan to slow down or work less; the answer is no.  As long as Hashem gives me the health and strength to do what I do, I plan to continue my 14 to 16 hour days because I love every minute of it.

What is your guilty food pleasure?

I have a few: French fries, mozzarella sticks, kokosh cake… however, we stay away from the

word guilty. I would rephrase that to: pleasures I enjoy in moderation once in a while.

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