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Day Trips-Summer

Compiled and Photographed by Sarah Einhorn 

Now that the cold weather is behind us, and we are surrounded by ample sunshine and warmth, I am beginning to get antsy as I start looking for things to do outdoors. But since the weather fluctuates in the spring at times being so unpredictable, I try to line up both indoor and outdoor day trips to enjoy.  Here are some recent trips we enjoyed that you could visit this summer – rain or shine! 


Plum Point Park 

New Windsor, NY


I’ve come across so many pretty parks right on the shore of the Hudson River. I like to check Google Maps and see if there are green spots right on the shore. That is how I find new spots. 


Plum Point Park, right off the 9W in New Windsor, NY is a beautiful peaceful oasis right on the shore of the Hudson with magnificent views of the Hudson Highlands across the river.


On our way to the park, we drove along Route 9W and were treated to beautiful scenic views. The park is divided into three areas. Plum Point Park has a field with picnic table, a playground, and a picnic pavilion. This area is on higher ground with no access to the river. The other two areas adjacent to each other are Sloop Hill State Unique Area and Kowawese Unique Area.  I preferred the Kowawese Unique Area with the gazebo on the grass and many picnic tables and a few grill stations. There is a 2,000-foot sandy river front where we watched people set off into the river with kayaks they brought. We also watched some men fishing along the shore. No swimming is allowed at the park, but it is worth a trip to enjoy the natural beauty of the Hudson River.



Plum Point Park

New Windsor, NY 12553



Hours: Park closes at dusk


Price: Free



Approximate Distance from:   

Flatbush: 1 hour, 30 minutes



Website: https://www.orangecountygov.com/1478/Kowawese-Unique-Area-at-Plum-Point



Howell Township, NJ


Think of a theme for a climbing wall and it is probably already on one of the 68 climbing walls at Climbzone. There is a wall that has a map of the U.S, a Statue of Liberty wall, a spaceship wall, a wall with a large giraffe, and  a wall of sharks swimming. You can even climb a game of Snakes and Ladders, a giant candle, dominos, and a firefighter’s ladder at a fire. You can climb donuts with a variety of toppings, an emoji wall, piano keys, and a bookcase with random items. There is no way I can name them all. You have to see it to believe it!

The first step after checking in is to get harnessed. Once the harness is on, you can climb any of the walls you prefer. There is a simple system for hooking onto the rope and since everyone does it on their own, there are no lines; you don’t need to wait for a staff member to hook and unhook the harness. The walls vary in level and difficulty. Sometimes a wall is more easy or difficult than it seems at first glance.


In addition to the climbing walls there is the Skytrail ropes course, which reaches up to 30 feet high with a variety of elements and challenges to complete. There is also a zipline from one side of the ropes course to the other. There are tables and chairs set up just below the ropes course where you can sit and watch the climbers above.


There is also a soft play area for children ages four to 10 and a virtual reality arena. There are some arcade games and massage chairs in different areas. ClimbZone has six party rooms, and tables and chairs for seating in an open area up a flight of stairs where you get a great view of the climbers below…or maybe above?



5369 U.S. 9

Howell Township, NJ 07731


Phone Number:




Check online or call for current hours.


$16.99- For 90 minute climb 68 climbing walls ages 2-4

$23.99- For 90-minute climb 68 climbing walls, Multi- Level Soft Play- ages 4-10

$31.99- For 90-minute climb 68 climbing walls, Multi- Level Soft Play ages 4-10, SkyTrail

$10.00- For 90 minutes Multi Level Soft Play for ages 4-10


Approximate Distance from:   

Flatbush: 1 hour, 10 minutes


Website: https://www.climbzone.us/


Dingmans Falls

 Delaware Township, PA


We were lucky that the maps we used sent us to the parking area for Dingmans Creek Trail instead of to the Visitor’s Center. The visitor’s center was closed due to COVID-19 during our April visit, and the walk from the Visitor’s Center to the bottom of the falls is not especially short nor especially scenic. On the other hand, the walk from the parking lot to the falls via the Dingmans Creek Trail was a relaxing walk through the woods with the creek running alongside us during most of our hike. 


After taking an easy hike for about 20 minutes alongside Dingmans Creek, we got to the top of Dingmans Falls where we go our first view of the majestic cascading waterfall. The spring is usually the best time to visit waterfalls as they generally swell up from the many rains and melted snow. 


We then headed down the many steps and around to the bottom of the magnificent waterfall. After snapping lots of pictures, we sat on the bench across from the waterfall and just enjoyed the view. We were mesmerized by the second-highest waterfall in Pennsylvania.

After enjoying the site of the rushing water, we headed back up the many steps and retraced our path in the woods back to our car. 


I couldn’t believe that there is no entrance fee for visiting Dingmans Falls when many less impressive waterfalls charge an admission fee!


Dingmans Falls Visitors Center: 

224 Dingmans Falls Road

Delaware Township, PA 18328


Dingmans Creek Trail:

Parking is at the end of Doodle Hollow Road in Dingmans Ferry, PA


Phone Number-Visitor’s Center:


Price: Free


Approximate Distance from:   

Flatbush: 2 hours



Website: https://www.nps.gov/dewa/planyourvisit/dingmans-creek-trail.htm


Nickel-O Farms

West Nyack, NY


We had so much fun at Nickel-O Farms. The place is pulsing with life. We visited the petting zoo one afternoon. The petting zoo includes a bunny area where you can go into the bunny cage and interact with the furry creatures. Right near the bunnies was a pony and a baby horse that was only three weeks old.


Outside there were lots of goats, sheep, donkeys, and other domestic animals. There are also chickens roaming around the farm. Animal food can be purchased so you can feed the animals. Visitors can enter and interact with baby goats in their pen and the foul pen. There were some interesting looking birds including a few that resemble ostriches.  There are even some cows and bulls (not for petting) at the far end of the farm.


Nickel-O Farms is popular for the horseback riding lessons they offer. From beginners to expert, they provide lessons from toddlers to senior citizens.  Nickel-O also offers therapeutic riding for special needs clients. They have fifteen horses on site and the staff is passionate and devoted both to the horses and the riders. 



369 Strawtown Road 

West Nyack, NY 10994


Phone Number:




9 A.M.-5 P.M.


Petting Zoo: $5 per person (all ages)

Pony Rides-$6 per ride (up to age 5)

Horseback Riding: 15 minutes lesson (Ages 3-4) $30

30 minute lesson (All ages) $60


Approximate Distance from Flatbush:


Website: http://nickelostables.com


TILT Museum

American Dream Mall, East Rutherford, NJ


The TILT Museum in American Dream Mall is like no other place I’ve been to. On the one hand, I’d describe it as an art museum since it features the most amazing mural paintings by Tracy Stum, world-renowned urban art master, but really it is so much more than an art museum! The museum features huge mural paintings that create optical illusions. The scenes are so creative and so realistic looking. When you walk in, you see many paintings that extend from the floor up onto the wall. Often you need to take a picture to get the full brilliance of the scene.


Not only are visitors allowed to touch and go onto the painted scenes, but they are encouraged to do so. There are spots marked on the floor near each painting which points out where to stand in order to get the very best shot. There are also sample ideas in small near each scene showing some cool ideas for poses. But really there is no wrong and right, just use your imagination to take really awesome and creative pictures!


Some of the scenes are sideways, such as the Statue of Liberty’s head. If you take a picture sideways and rotate it, it creates the illusion that you have climbed to the top. The same is with the space scene; if you rotate it after taking the picture, it seems as if you are suspended in space. 


The TILT rooms create an effect where the floor is not straight and the illusion it creates is that on one side of the room the person looks a lot larger than the person at the other corner. It was fascinating to see identical twins at the two sides. One looked much larger than the other.


The TILT Museum plans on featuring new pieces periodically from emerging artists in a residency program to keep it fresh and exciting.


Garden Court-American Dream

1 American Dream Way 

East Rutherford, NJ 07073



Sunday-Thursday: 11 A.M.–9 P.M.

Friday-Saturday: 11 A.M.–10 P.M.


General Admission: $20

Military: $17

Senior Citizen: $18

Valid for one TILT Museum course. Groups are limited to four people.

Children:  Free for children 2 years and younger (restrictions apply).



Approximate Distance from:   

Flatbush: 30 minutes


Website: https://tiltmuseums.com/


The Rockefeller State Park Preserve

Pleasantville, NY


The Rockefeller State Park Preserve is very well-maintained. After entering the 1,400- acre preserve, we passed a few picnic tables in a wooded serene area. We continued on to the parking lot and once we parked and paid the parking fee, we headed to Swan Lake. We passed some volunteers tending to the flowers and trees near the visitor’s center.


Swan Lake is a beautiful 22- acre lake with a wide path surrounding it. It is wheelchair/stroller accessible. While walking around the lake, we enjoyed the many turtles that were out sunning near the water. We also spotted frogs, a beaver, and the ubiquitous Canadian geese. The lake doesn’t take especially long to circle, but there are benches placed strategically around the lake to help visitors take a break while taking in the beauty of nature. We only circled the lake during our visit, but I would want to return to check out the popular 13 Bridges Loop Trail, a 1.9 mile stretch leading to 13 bridges on the wandering Gory Brook.




125 Phelps Way

Pleasantville, NY 10570


Phone Number:




9AM–4:30 P.M.



Parking: $6.00 per vehicle 

April – October, daily
November – March, weekends and holidays


Approximate Distance from:   

Flatbush: 1 hour


Website: https://parks.ny.gov/PARKS/59






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