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Joel Wolf 

Don’t know what to buy the kids for Chanukah this year? Try one of these! The toys included below have all been tried, tested, and loved by my own kids – who have plenty of toy experience! 

Paw Patrol Super Pups Plane 

This 2-in-1 transforming jet allows users to switch from a deluxe jet to a mobile command headquarters that can store all pups in the collection, as well as one Deluxe Mighty Vehicle (each sold separately)! Included in the package, you will find an exclusive Ryder figure, complete with lights and sounds. Simply press the button on the mighty jet’s engine to activate lights and sounds. Then, load the launcher with its five included discs, and push the button to release.      

Plucky Pups

The pups of PAW Patrol are rescue dogs in training, inspired by real-world workers, such as firefighters, police officers & construction workers. Paw Patrol provides a fun way to learn bravery & heroism. A great gift for kids, ages 3 & up. We gave this product four stars for its fun, creative, and educational opportunities. Toy retails at $45

Paw Patrol Super Pups’ Headquarters is a tower that comes with a rotating periscope. This two-and-a-half-foot lookout tower features a rotating periscope, a working elevator, and a zip line for the pups to use, when trouble strikes! Requires 3 AAA batteries (included).  We gave this toy four and a half stars for the fun, creative, imaginative and educational experience it provides. Toy retails for $85.


Each doll has fifteen inches of super soft cotton candy-inspired hair, with a surprise hidden inside its hair! Unravel the hair to reveal the delightfully scented doll’s easy to style hair. The unique texture of Candylocks’ hair allows it to be easily manipulated by hand, without the use of a hairbrush or other styling tools. Create braids, buns, twists and ponytails, that will stay in for hours.  Candylocks make a great gift for children ages five and up. There are over twenty dolls to collect (including one ultra-rare edition), each with a delicious scent, yummy name, and super cute accessories! We gave this product five stars for its cute, fun, imaginative and creative values. Toy retails for $15.

Knuckle Headz

Each vehicle includes a high-powered pull-back motor, which zooms more than 30 feet. This toy works perfectly, to engage children ages three years and up, in a fun way that promotes objective, creative, and social play patterns. Made of durable plastic and high-quality materials for endless head poppin’ fun, this product is available in both single and twin sets. Six different characters are available: Finn the Shark, Rex the Dinosaur, Snarl the Wolf, Fang the Saber Tooth Tiger, Stubs the Bull Dog, and Francis the Gorilla.

We gave this product five stars for its fun, creative and imaginative play time experience. Retails for $20.

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