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Dear Editor:

I enjoyed reading Chaya Sarah Stark feature Hitting the High Notes in last month’s magazine. Growing up in Eastern Europe before the war, we would all flock to the synagogue to hear the powerful singing of the cantor. His melodious tunes would inspire us to daven harder, uplift our spirits during tough times, and help us gain a deeper understanding of the prayers. Sadly, today’s generation doesn’t appreciate this awesome talent and just gaze at their watches to see when services will conclude. I have had the pleasure of listening to all the Miller cantors, and I encourage everyone to do the same; you will never look at the siddur the same way again.

Siegy A.


Dear Editor:

Thank you for printing the obituary on Rabbi Meir Goldberg zt’l. As everyone who knew him can attest,  he was truly a special human being. I had the privilege of davening with Rabbi Goldberg in our shul, Shaarei Shalom, where his presence not only added seriousness and holiness, but his friendly demeanor made everyone comfortable and at ease. He had a way of making everyone feel special and like they were his number-one priority. Rabbi Goldberg would handle situations behind the scenes and would be a “rodef kavod.” It was only during his shivah that many of us got a chance to uncover all his amazing acts of chessed. May he be a messenger for good for Klal Yisrael.

Y. R.


Dear Editor:

I must tell you how much I have been enjoying reading Rabbi Yarmove’s columns, Joining the Marine Park Core! each month. He has such a vast knowledge of nature and plants, and the way he connects and relates it to Torah and our daily lives really makes me appreciate both even more. Where did you ever find such a good writer and botanist??

Ayallah Edelstein


Dear Editor:

I recently moved to Marine Park, and I wanted to let you know how much your Zmanim page helped me and my family get acclimated to the area. Thanks to your listings of local shuls and their davening times, we were able to try out a few shuls near our home and got settled not only with a great minyan, but we also got a chance to meet many of our neighbors and make some great new friends.

The Friedmans

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