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Dear Editor,

Thank you for reprinting your 2014 interview with Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein z”l. I still cannot believe we lost such a giant in Torah and kiruv. Even though he was niftar about five months ago, the pain of his passing still affects so many.  As the article stated, the reason Rabbi Wallerstein was so successful in transforming troubled kids’ lives is because he cloaked them with “bulletproof vests” of love, empowering them to have the confidence to reach their potential in yiddishkeit. 

Liat M.


Dear Editor,

Since publishing my article in the last issue of Jewish Echo titled “Mommy Day Camp,” several people approached me asking how this summer went with my boys in camp after a two-year hiatus. I am happy to report that in the end they had a blast attending Ruach Day Camp! The staff and counselors were so attentive and amazing that I think my days of being director of Camp Yankovich are officially over. 

Ita Yankovich 


Dear Editor,

I want to thank the JCCMP for once again organizing the Marine Park Grab ‘n Go food boxes. The weekly supplies of milk, yogurt, and other delicious food was much appreciated by my family. I used the food provided to prepare our family dinners many times. We appreciated that this year the boxes were delivered to our home.  I also want to thank you for your annual backpack giveaway. My kids were excited with their briefcases, and the school supplies saved me time and money. The toys, popcorn, and cotton candy were extra treats. We are very excited to see your next endeavor – the JCCMP library! 

Chava Cohen

Dear Editor,

This summer we heard from many reports of people whose catalytic converters were stolen while their cars were parked right outside their homes. It’s been a problem nationwide. Thieves take the piece to a junk yard and sell it for scrap metal, earning hundreds of dollars very quickly. It doesn’t take much skill or time to steal catalytic converters, and it’s easier to do it in the summer months when the air conditioner muffles the sound of their  crime.  Here are some tips to avoid being a victim:

  1. Spray your catalytic converter a bright color using a high-temperature fluorescent paint. Write your VIN number on the surface making it  traceable. Chances are that thieves won’t want to take it and  a reputable scrap metal dealer might decline to buy it.
  2. Have your mechanic weld the converter to the car’s frame, making it harder to steal. 
  3. Install a dash cam.
  4. Use your garage or driveway instead of city streets to park your car. 

Michael Kogan

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