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Dear Editor,

I am thrilled to hear that the JCCMP is planning to open a community library! It can be a challenge to find Jewish books to read. The images of the library that I saw in your weekly newsletter looked stunning! I love that you  are not just making it a place to read and check out books, but also one with computers, workshops, and seminars. I am very much looking forward to seeing this come to fruition.



Dear Editor,

I agree with your feature about the perks of living in New York (Issue 86, New York, New York). This is a debate I frequently have with my friends who reside in  New Jersey. Please allow me to add a few more advantages to living in the great Big Apple.


1) Shidduchim: People come here from all over the world to find their mate. Here you can find Jews of all walks of life.

2) Yes, we may have smaller lots, but that means less time dealing with maintenance like mowing the lawn, raking the leaves, and shoveling the snow. Also, we rarely have blackouts from fallen trees on power lines like my friends who live in the Garden State frequently experience every winter and summer.  

3) No Blue Laws: We are open all the time. I cannot even imagine not being able to run errands like going to the barber or picking up clothes from the cleaners on a Sunday.  

4) New York offers excellent special services, especially for early childhood education.

5) It’s cheaper. Try buying kosher food in Seattle, finding a modest dress in Arizona, or purchasing a sefer in Connecticut. 

6) We have a ton of Jewish organizations and gemachs for every possible need you can think of.

7) No car, no problem. All your weekly errands from grocery shopping to pharmacy pickup, to attending shul or mikveh can be done usually within a few blocks of your home. 

8) It’s safe. Yes! I know New York gets a bad rap, but because we are the city that never sleeps, you can go out for a walk at 10 P.M. and not have to worry about desolate roads since someone else will surely be walking or driving as well.

Ita Yankovich


Dear Editor,

I have never knew that robins lay blue eggs. The pictures of the nest in Rabbi Yarmove’s column were so cool! (Issue 86, Joining the Marine Park Core!).  



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