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Dear Editor,

Kids need a mental health day?! (Issue 85, Ask the Therapist)  Give me a break! We have coddled today’s kids to the point that even attending a regular day of school is too much for them to handle. What kind of a generation are we raising? Yes, life can be stressful at times. Get used to it.  Are they going to check out as adults when life gets too intense? Instead of a mental day off, try teaching your kids coping skills. 

Eli H.

Dear Editor,

I was so pleased to read last month (Issue 85, Community) that Senator Simcha Felder is working on getting homeowners a break from their exorbitant property tax this year. It’s nice to see politicians working on our behalf. Renters saw a break with a freeze on their monthly expenses. I don’t understand how the Mayor thinks that the pandemic didn’t have a financial effect on us homeowners as well. Our property tax is already too high as it is.

Marine Park Homeowner


Dear Editor,

The article about releasing trapped emotions (Issue 85, “Emotion Code: Getting Rid of Your Emotional Chametz”) was fascinating! Is this backed by science? This sounds like a much better (and quicker) way to heal sickness than taking medication for who knows how long. I have always felt that there is a strong mind and body connection. I like the holistic approach to treating sickness and am curious to learn more about this form of treatment. How much does a typical session cost?


Dear Editor,

I had the pleasure of attending Allison’s communal Seder and I can attest to everything that was written about it. Allison and her family are true baalei chessed! When I first heard that they were opening T-Fusion to anyone that needed a place to go for the Seder for free, I was skeptical, but registered anyway as I had no place else to go for the meal. I was so impressed by the classy décor, elegant food, and most importantly the amazing hospitality of Allison and her family. I hope next Pesach they can continue offering this much needed communal service.


Dear Editor,

I really enjoyed your expanded recipe section and all their yummy Pesach recipes. Honestly, I didn’t try any of the dishes, but the pictures looked great, and I am going to keep it handy for next Pesach.

Yocheved R.


Dear Editor,

I looooved your funny Echoes column last month! Your pun on Dr. Seuss and the overall Pesach message of freedom were so eloquently intertwined. Great job!

Chava S.


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