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Dear Editor, The COVID-19 outbreak is terrible. It is disrupting so many levels of so many people’s lives. We must always find the silver lining, and here it is: we have been forced to simplify, re-prioritize, and focus on our families. Instead of being busy with shopping and socializing, we must stay indoors and engage with our immediate family. How often have we wished we had more time to spend with our children? Well, now we have that time! Let’s strengthen our emunah at the same time we strengthen our family core and get through this together. E.S.

Dear Editor, As a freelance writer who at times contemplates if I am in the wrong profession, I read last month’s Mesila column with great interest. Great advice, especially the idea of reaching out to publications and pitching assignments to them, instead of the other way around. It’s easy for freelancers to get discouraged in their writing, especially when their submissions are rejected multiple times. Take Mesila’s advice and don’t give up. If you continue to work on your craft and network, freelance writing is a great source of supplemental income. Chava J.

Dear Editor, I am not sure how I feel about Hindy Norensberg’s article “Intermittent Fasting.” It is true that it does work and one can see rapid weight loss, but I worry that some people will take initial success too far and not stick to the guidelines outlined thereby skipping too many meals, missing out on necessary nutrients. F. T. Dear Editor, Regarding last month’s article about Jewish comedy, I say that especially during turbulent times like these, what we need is precisely that: a good dose Dear Editor, I have a newfound appreciation for teachers, rebbeim, and stay-at-home mothers. My hat is off to you. I thank you for all the amazing work you do with the kids. R. T.

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