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Dear Editor,

I wish to comment on the recent controversy between the DOE and the yeshivah system. My kids are enrolled in a chassidishe yeshivah, not because I  like the school, but because this is where everyone in my community sends their kids. They do not do a good job with education in my opinion, but  I cannot pull my children out and put them in a better school because it would cause machlokes within the family and probably affect shidduchim. I feel there needs to be more choices for parents. I like the secular curriculum offered in  many of the modern Orthodox schools ( like Ramaz or Yeshiva of Flatbush, for example) but I do not approve of their mesorah. What is a parent to do?    

 Abe P.

Dear Editor,

I found the interview with Rabbi Zweibel quite interesting, but there are a few points I wish to highlight. Rabbi Zweibel says that the yeshivah system has been operating basically the same way for the past 50 years and that it is satisfactory. That is in essence part of the problem. The world has changed a lot in 50 years  and education needs to reflect that. He also mentions that his son chose a kollel lifestyle and that  is “his choice.” I beg to disagree. When a family chooses such a lifestyle, they  can become a burden to the state or the family. If someone wants to lead this beautiful way of living, kol hakavod, but they must be financially independent and not rely on others for assistance.  Something needs to be done about the schools. I am in favor an increase in secular studies.  Seven hours is excessive, but an increase is warranted.

M. R.

Dear Editor,

In response to the feature article about the future of our yeshivos, did anyone else happen to notice that the majority of the Regent scores happen to be girls’ schools? Where are the boys? F. Goldberger

Editor’s Response: Machna Shalva, Shaarei Torah, Machne Chaim, Torah Vodaath, Tiferes Yisroel, Bais Menachem, Ohr Shraga, and Ohavei Torah were just some of the yeshivos singles out for high Regent scores.  

Dear Editor,

The DOE needs to take lessons from our yeshivos on how to run a good curriculum. We may not teach all the subjects and devote hours upon hours to secular education, but our limudei kodesh studies covers it all from psychology to math to history. I challenge the average public-school student to compete with our talmidim and let’s see who is better educated.

Attorney and Graduate from Torah Vodaath

Dear Editor,

I am a car service driver and your article last month about cab safety should have also included something about safety for drivers, not just passengers. I am confronted daily by customers who get hostile and sometimes physical with me when their car arrives late, smells bad from previous passengers, or when there  are delays due to traffic. Customers become irate and refuse payment. It is the drivers who need protection, not the passengers.

Boris Y.

Dear Editor,

I came across your magazine and enjoyed reading your article “The
State of our Schools” and the sidebar  “The Number Speaks For Themselves.” I
cannot understand why this fight should be in the first place .I am sure
The Dept. of Education has these numbers and they speak for themselves.
What do they want to bring down our yeshivos? Any normal person seeing
these numbers would work to try the public schools follow the yeshivos
and not the reverse.

   Solomon Schlussel

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