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Dear Readers,

I’m very excited to be writing my editorial this month as we celebrate the fifth anniversary of The Jewish Echo magazine. When we started the JCCMP, it was a just a dream to start a magazine that would cover topics important to us while bringing the community together. Today, we cover topics that create conversation and sometimes even trigger passionate debate. Speaking about these issues really does help bring us together as a community. The magazine also gives the JCC the opportunity to highlight the work we do for the community, it gives Rabbanim and elected officials a platform to speak, and provides a great family magazine to be enjoyed by everyone. Our magazine is delivered by mail to over 200 elected officials, rabbis and community leaders, so they see the progress of our community as well as our concerns.

Without our talented staff, editor, and writers, none of this would be possible, so a special thank you goes out to them. And of course, thank you to you, our devoted readers. Your feedback enables us to understand what’s important to you and your encouragement keeps us going, month after month.

I had the pleasure of spending time this summer in Europe and noticed a common theme. Whether in Spain, France, or Italy there was always a sense of community. And although we have close knit communities in New York and more specifically in Brooklyn, it can times feel fragmented because there are so many subcultures and people belonging to various groups within the communities. We are really striving to bring Marine Park together – and as you may have seen, we have expanded many of our programs to other surrounding neighborhoods as well.

Now that Rosh Hashanah is here, let’s make a commitment to be a unified community, and to look out for one another, so together we can show the rest of New York what a real community looks like.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and sweet New Year.

Warm regards,
Shea Rubenstein

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