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Dear Readers,

Purim is close by, which means we are in full Pesach mode at the JCCMP. As we have been doing for many years, we are partnering with Met council and you, the community, to help close to 300 families with food, money, gift cards and store credit to help relieve some of the financial burden of Pesach. Many families who can get by all year need that extra help for Pesach with so many added expenses. I have the great opportunity of speaking at a different shul each Shabbos morning during the weeks before Pesach, which also gives me the opportunity to meet and see everyone and hear their thoughts on this and other JCC projects. 

In other community news, we have, baruch Hashem, completed construction of the library and have installed the furniture. We are in the process of cataloging all the books and will hopefully be announcing our opening over the coming weeks, which is extremely exciting. 

May we be zoche to continue working together for the benefit of the klal.

Warm regards,

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