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Dear Readers,

Mazel tov! We are at the next stage of our community.

I recently started attending weddings in our community of families who moved here over the past 18 years whose children are now getting old enough to get married. We all started here as a very young community and it’s amazing to see how we are approaching the next stage of our lives.

As an organization, the JCCMP has grown together with the community and its needs have changed accordingly. Many families were attracted to this community in its early days by its more affordable housing options. The JCCMP was started in 2008 in response to the recession. We began by offering social services, grants for closing costs on mortgages, helping shuls open, and advocating for the needs of the young families in the area. Over the years, we’ve started youth programs and a food pantry. More recently, over the past five years, we’ve put strong emphasis on helping small business owners succeed and educating individuals with many different courses in business related items.

It’s real nachas to see the small children in our community evolve into adults who are now starting their own families. It’s real nachas as well to see a handful of shuls grow to almost two dozen shuls and to watch them fill up with kids and grandkids who visit for Shabbos and chagim.

May we continue to share nachas as a community as we witness its ongoing growth. 

Warm regards,

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