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Dear Readers,

We are all so frustrated. The world is turning upside down, and our mayor and governor are acting in ways that none of us can understand. Thankfully, we have upcoming elections. Vote – and you will show them that we matter. If we vote, elected officials will take us more seriously – and they have told me so – because they don’t want to lose an election. While it’s true that some of the officials implementing these rules are not up for reelection, we must make it clear to those who are running that they must stand up for us if they truly represent us.


I have spoken to several elected officials over the past few weeks, and I know that behind the scenes they are trying to help their constituents by eliminating fines that business owners received, trying to help prevent people who lost their jobs from being evicted, and working with landlords to receive tax credits or compensation from the state for tenants who cannot afford to pay rent. This is the momentum that we really need to get through this difficult time.


Many people ask me how they can help. Sometimes it as simple as voting. When people call me and complain about issues of concern to them, one of the things I tell them is that if you don’t vote you have no right to voice your concern.


Let’s stay positive during these difficult times. Let’s support businesses that are struggling, our friends who are hurting, and our relatives who are scared.  We hope and pray that with the help of Hashem this will be over soon. 


Warm regards,


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