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Dear Readers, 

It’s all about helping people. The JCC’s focus has always been on providing social services and community programs such as SNAP, social workers, and Project Machal. Over the past five years, we’ve extended our focus to helping small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed. We started a brand within the JCC called JCON to produce Jewish conferences for the industries of real estate, ecommerce, eldercare, health care, small business, and now architecture and design. We attract over 6,000 small business owners a year to these events which provide education, networking, mentoring, and expos.

It was such a good feeling to have hosted the JCON Amazon event last month with over 650 sellers and vendors in attendance and to have received such positive feedback. It makes all the planning and strategizing all worth it. We are now planning the JCON architect and design event which will take place on Tuesday, April 28.

Reach out to me if you need ideas for how to network in your industry or create a business event. We’d love to help.

Wishing all our readers a freilichen Purim! 

Warm Regards,



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