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Dear Readers,

Helping people succeed in business has become a focal point for me at the JCC over the past five years. Many community centers focus on social services, food pantries, or entitlements, which we cover as well, but working with a young community and seeing the need to help people start small businesses or grow their current business is what pushed the JCC to spearhead JCON (Jewish Conferences) and Tribeworks.

Tribeworks is a conference for small business and entrepreneurs which will take place this year on December 10 from 8:30 A.M. to 6 P.M., at the Hilton Staten Island, featuring 30 speakers, some from Fortune 500 companies. The event will offer networking, a tradeshow, seminars, mentoring and roundtables all with the intent to help entrepreneurs learn and grow. Last year attracted some 700 attendees, and this year even more are expected. What’s even more impressive,  is that we were able to organize 14 major nonprofit organizations to come together and promote this event because although not everyone sees eye to eye on all issues, when it comes to helping people succeed in parnassah, the entire community is always on board. Our next major event will take place in February (JCON ecommerce) and will also attract more than 600 people to network, learn, and grow.

Let’s always remember try to help our friends and also people we may not know achieve success. How can we do this? You may have heard of a job opening, you can be a mentor to others in your industry, or you may find other ways to help.

A special mazel tov to our own Lieutenant Yitzy Jablon on his promotion to Special Assignment Lieutenant this month. Your service to the community inspires us all.

Warm regards,

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