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Parnassah is a tricky subject. This is true whether you work for others or
on your own. No matter how you start out, it can take a year or two – or
even longer – to get it right. Many people try to ease the process by seeking
education or attending trade shows and seminars. There are several
organizations which offer great business courses or mentorships, such as
PCS, CHYE, and the TJE, but I have not seen large-scale conferences or
education in many industries. Our community has grown baruch Hashem,
and along with that growth we have seen many who are successful and
would like to give back to others by offering guidance and advice.
To address this great need, we at the JCCMP, along with CHYE (Crown
Heights Young Entrepreneurs), founded JCON events. We’ve created
business conferences including education, networking, vendors, and
mentors in major Jewish communities. We started six years ago with real
estate, e-commerce, eldercare, and small businesses, attracting some 700
attendees to each conference; we’re now expanding to kosher food and
healthcare and plan to move beyond Brooklyn to other cities as well.
During these events, it’s amazing to see individuals who launched thriving
businesses take the time to sit down and inspire others with valuable
advice and tips. Our next JCON event for real estate is scheduled for the
beginning of June. Please visit attendJCON.com to learn more about these
conferences and discover how they can help your parnassah grow.
With Purim rapidly approaching, and that special Adar simchah spreading
in the air, I’d like to take the opportunity to wish you a most freilichen
Purim. May the happiness of this chag last throughout the year!
Warm Regards,

Shea Rubenstein is a co-founder of the Jewish Community Council of Marine
Park and serves as its executive vice president. The JCCMP offers many
programs to Marine Park and its surrounding communities, including youth
programs, social services, and job initiatives.
Shea Rubenstein

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