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Dear Readers

I think our community’s strong emphasis on doing kiruv, learning with secular Jews, inviting them for Shabbos, and engaging in counter-missionary work is amazing and much needed. But what I also think is equally important and often neglected is an effort to be mekarev the krovim. Frum people have their own distinct challenges. Having grown up being told to act a certain way, we, too, need explanation, reinforcement, and sometimes a renewed excitement.

Sometimes all it takes is a vort or a good story to give the perspective we seek to make us better people.

Rabbi Paysach Krohn and Rabbi Benzion Shafier, who joined us for the JCCMP’s tenth annual Scholar in Residence Series, recently offered us just that. The two renowned speakers visited a combined nine shuls to address hundreds of inspiration seekers.  

Let’s continue the inspiration.


We live in a world with instant Internet access. It has never been easier to devote a few minutes a day to learn something.  I would strongly encourage everyone to visit websites and download apps such as Torah Anytime, OU, and join inspirational groups such as Meaningful Minute on WhatsApp.  As the Orchos Tzadikim said so eloquently, “I am not here to teach new, but rather, to reinforce the old
Rabbi Krohn at one of his talks suggested a great idea on how to change your life by changing the lives of others. He suggested keeping a journal and each day writing down a kind deed that you did for someone else. It can be something small like purchasing a cup of coffee for someone or giving them a quarter for the muni meter. By doing something for another person, you become a better person and transform the life of another person all at the same time.

Now that we are in the days of leading up to Shavuos, let’s commit to bettering our lives and the lives of others while renewing our commitment to the Torah.

Warm regards,

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