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What I’ve Learned This Year in School 

“No more pencils, no more books,” 

Is what we used to sing 

When summer pushed through school’s doors 

And that final bell would ring 

But this year brings a different tune 

Sung from behind a screen 

I’m not quite sure just how it goes 

But I sure know what it means

‘Cuz this year we culminate 

The learning done at home 

Lessons learned on tablets 

Or shared over the phone

It’s been quite an adjustment 

Getting used to all the rules 

We’ve all felt like new students 

Learning in a virtual school 

But we’ve all grown together 

And learned to do it well 

And if some days were not quite great 

Others were quite swell 

So as the school year closes 

There’s much to celebrate

We’ve made it through these trying times 

And we’ve all done really great! 

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