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I Spy: A Quarantine Game for the Whole Family 

I spy with my little eye… 

A schedule used by none of us 

A printer out of toner 

A bright and shining sun outside 

 An iPad that’s a loaner 

A houseful of stir-crazy kids

Four breakfasts and five lunches 

Dust bunnies beneath your feet

Laundry that’s in bunches 

Three Zoom classes all at once 

A student who’s vamoose 

A pile of math and science books 

A house phone not in use 

50 face masks in light blue

A box of Lysol wipes 

Plastic gloves for touching mail

Grandparents on Skype 

A puzzle of 5000 pieces

A painting that’s half finished 

A child laughing at a meme

A parent washing dishes 

Sidewalk chalk and window markers

A board game no one wants to play 

An album filled with empty pages 

For the photos of these days 

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