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A colorful themed tablescape 

Walls of clear lucite 

Chairs fit just for royalty 

This sukkah’s quite a sight!

No more mismatched panels 

The hodgepodge of yesteryear 

No more plain old chicken 

We’ve got brisket cooked in beer! 

But as I look around this room

At all my children’s faces

I remember the thrill I felt 

In more ramshackle spaces 

We may have had plain wooden walls 

(Though they were decorated)

But the joy we felt inside 

Must not be underrated 

The twinkling of foil stars 

Leaves falling in our soup

The songs that warmed us in the cold

Made us quite a happy group

It’s wonderful to be here 

In this sukkah fit for kings 

But I know the joy we’re feeling now 

Doesn’t come from fancy things 

It’s the songs and words we share 

In the glow of the flickering light

It’s the warmth and love that fill the room

On this special, holy night. 

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