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Things I Am Sending with My Child to Camp This Summer

Parents take note: The days of sleeping in a tent in the woods are over (if they ever existed). Here are some things you need to buy to ensure that your child is as comfortable as possible in camp. One thing you may not need to buy? A toothbrush. I know because one year my son brought his home still in its original store packaging.

A bin for her shoe bin. Last year I sent all her shoes already lined up and color coded in a bin. This year, I am buying a bin for the bin so the first bin doesn’t touch the floor and potentially soil all those pristine Kenzo sneakers.

A scuba suit. No self-respecting boy would wear a raincoat in the rain, no matter how torrential. A scuba suit counts as athletic gear, right? Problem solved.

A massage chair. Bungee chairs and camping chairs break within the first week of camp. A massage chair will probably be more durable and comfortable. Plus, it can shake the wrinkles out of the clothes my son piles on there as he showers.

A shed.  Nosh bin, plastic drawers, cases of water and soda, a cooler…..There’s never enough room for all this stuff. Maybe I should just go with a tiny house. I think you can get one online.

A food processor and a bag of potatoes.  I know everyone else gets kugel! Now dear child, you can make your own.

Self-addressed envelopes. Just kidding. I don’t even know where to buy an envelope these days, forget about stamps.

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