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For you the fun has just begun 

For me it starts tomorrow 

For you it’s fun, a sugar high 

That costume that you’ve borrowed 

It goes by too fast, you surely reckon

As the next day school rudely beckons 

I shut the door when you are gone 

And thus begins my day of fun

From within the kitchen a stack of treats 

Calls my name; they’re oh so sweet! 

I ogle the baskets, rip open cellophane 

They’re surely mine; they bear my name! 

Yesterday I was too busy to enjoy 

The festivities like my own small boy 

I was running, delivering and serving

Cleaning up and just observing 

But today while everyone resumes routine 

I take the day off just to clean 

Instead I try on funny hats 

Browse through photos of yesterday’s bash 

I raid the shalach manos pile 

I sing out loud, Purim-style 

Today’s a party, just for me 

And I attend quite cheerfully 

When you come home later mum’s the word

I won’t relate what has occurred 

I allow you to choose one nosh from your pile

And try to swallow my sheepish smile  

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