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Moving Day

Alas, it’s true, a time will come

When Mom and Pop have got to move

And out of your old home they’ll go

Although their kids may disapprove

You may be old and married

You may have kids of your own

But when your parents leave that place

You’ll forget that you’re all grown

And when you go to help them pack

You’ll marvel at the treasures

The things they’ve gathered in that house

Are more than you can measure

You’ll find your old report cards

Collections, toys, and dolls

You’ll find letters and old cards

You sent them from afar

And you’ll be disappointed

(The memories here are mine!)

How can they just pick up and go

And leave these walls behind?

But they go on packing boxes

And give most stuff away

And you are there again to help

When it’s finally moving day

You drive away one final time

From your childhood dwelling

You expect you’ll feel sadness

But what you feel instead is telling

There are no tears, nor sad goodbyes

Because you’ve always known:

Wherever Mom and Pop may go

Their place will feel like home

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