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What Are Your Hopes for the New Year?


To finally be rid of COVID-19 and all its variances and resume life as normal. Even though, the situation has gotten a lot better, and society has opened up, there are still too many travel restrictions and places I still cannot visit because I choose not to be vaccinated.  Let’s pray that 5783 ushers in the end of the pandemic. 

Binyamin B.


That I meet my bashert and get married.



That I continue seeing nachas from my children and that they thrive in their new schools. As long as my family is healthy, my wish list has been fulfilled.

Chaya T.


That I find the right yeshivah for my special needs son. He has been bouncing from school to school for the past three years and I haven’t been able to find the school that is the right fit for him that meets our hashkafos.



Last year was stressful because we had nightmare new neighbors move in next door. They disrupted our lives on the daily with their loud parties, late night barbeques, dog barking, and constant smoking, which seeped into our home as well. By the grace of G-d, my prayers were answered, and I heard they are moving. I just hope that the new renters will be more considerate and mindful of their neighbors.


That Moshiach comes and we end this long galus.     

Batya Ritterman

That Donald Trump announces he will run again in 2024 and restore common sense back to the White House. I think we are all sick of the gas prices, inflation, crime, and overall lack of leadership. 

Mechel C.


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