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How do you prepare for the Yamim Nora’im?


I wish I knew how to prepare properly. Every year at this time, I know I should be doing something.  I know I should be working on myself, but I don’t know how or where to begin. It is such a serious time of year, and that makes it very intimidating.  Gita H.


I hear a lot of speeches from Gedolei Torah while driving to and from work. I also to attend as many lectures as I can especially during the Aseres Yemei Teshuvah. I slow down my davening and try to put more effort into thinking about what I am reciting.    Gershon R.

I reflect. I literally sit down with a piece of paper and take a serious inventory of myself. What areas need improvement? Where can I grow? What are my limitations? I also review the year in my head and make sure I correct any wrongdoing. This can mean if I borrowed something from someone, I make sure I returned it. If I owe someone money, I give it, and if I made a promise, I try to fulfill it. Hashem gives us so many chances to improve on ourselves, not just this time of year. We all need to unplug and reflect on ourselves.        Shana Geller

Give tzedakah. Pray more. Be kind. Be forgiving of others and ask for forgiveness. Aviva P.


I visit my deceased relatives at the cemetery and go into deep prayer. I ask them to pray on our behalf, and I apologize if I have shamed the family name. There is nothing more profound than being at a cemetery; it really makes you take stock of yourself. I also check all the mezuzos in my house this time of year.    Avrumi M.


Learn the halachos of the Yamim Nora’im.   Ezra Lebovich


I know this sounds superficial, but I buy new table settings and accessories to make the house look festive. I also buy new clothes for everyone in the family, so we look nice for shul. All this gets the family in the holiday mood.  I don’t like to make this time of year so heavy and serious. I believe G-d is merciful and kind, and I like to enter this time of year with positivity and excitement. I don‘t want my kids walking around depressed thinking of where they have wronged and what they are doing bad. I know that G-d will grant us a great year. If  we think good, we will get good. B.N.

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