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The funniest and cutest costume I  ever saw was last Purim when I spotted two little girls (I think they were twins) walking down my street dressed up as old ladies. The girls must have been about 18 months old and were learning how to walk so the parents had given them mini walkers. The walkers combined with white wigs, bifocals with the chain going around their ears, and frilly housecoats looked adorable. They were hysterical with those pudgy, droopy cheeks and chubby thighs  trying to walk and talk to each other in their gibberish lingo. They looked like cute, old people! Aliza Shimonov

I once saw a man dressed as a giant cockroach.  I’m not sure if it was creative as much as it was scary. Very Kafkaesque.  Ezra W.

I think anytime a man dresses in anything feminine it’s a riot! Seeing a man wearing a dress with misapplied red lipstick, a long  wig and dangling necklace, I don’t care how bad he looks, he deserves top scores simply for the effort. It’s not easy walking around in heels (albeit with exposed hairy legs).  

Avi  Ben Moshe

A toddler Albert Einstein look alike. This kid was ready for his upsherin so he already had puffy, frizzy, long curly locks of hair, which the mother sprayed to make it greyish in color. There was also a fair amount of hair spray being used to make the hair stick out some to resemble Einstein’s trademark hairdo.  The kid was wearing black frames and a fake mustache (obviously). He was also wearing a blazer jacket with a t-shirt underneath with the formula E= MC2 written on it. The mother also gave him a plastic smoking pipe, although I’m unsure if Einstein was a smoker. Either way it was genius! (Ha! Ha! Get it?)    Henchy Z.

I once saw a family all dressed up as the Mario Brothers characters. The father was King Koopa, the mother was the Princess, their two boys were Mario and Luigi and the baby was the Mushroom.  They also continued the Mario Brothers theme in their mishloach manos by giving out pizza flavored snacks, gold coins and brick shaped candies.  Meir Lefkowitz

I always appreciate seeing anyone dressed up as a U.S. president or any world  leader, past or present. Zev Stein

A newlywed couple dressed as Barbie and Ken dolls. They were encased in these huge cardboard boxes which were spray-painted pink with the Mattel logo.  The girl wore a long blond wig with a pink dress and the guy, well, he just wore a suit, but he looked very Ken-like. I think he may have gotten a spray tan. Blimie Hochstein

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