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Who Was the Greatest U.S. President?

There is a reason why the term “Reaganomics”  was coined, and that’s because of former president Ronald Reagan, who in my opinion, set the bar pretty high for others to follow. Reagan repaired a dead economy by creating 20 million new jobs, lowering taxes as well as the rate of inflation. He also ended the Cold War. Reagan came from being a Hollywood actor to a fantastic president who united the country. He had a great sense of humor which made him very likable; even Democrats respected him.               

Yossi Y.

Anyone other than Barack Obama!      

Shoshana M.

I admire George Washington, our nation’s very first president. Washington led America to victory and independence. Little known fact: Washington was offered the title of king of America, but he refused because he wasn’t power-hungry like most politicians. Citizens wanted him to continue serving, but Washington only served two terms.  

Benji C.

Trump. Never have I been so proud to be an American! Trump is someone who refuses to bend to the will and pressures of the world, unlike previous presidents. He looks out for Americans first and looks to pass legislation that is in OUR best interest.  

Yanky Meirson

Trump. I don’t understand how anyone, Jews especially, does not see what a blessing this man is. He is doing this purely because he loves his country. The man doesn’t need the money, fame, or frankly, the headache. He is a good and loyal friend to the Jews. So many other presidents promised to move the embassy to Jerusalem, but once they got elected did nothing. Look how fast Trump managed to get it done. He also helped free Rubashkin, a case nobody else wanted to touch. Trump is the best thing that happened to America and the Jews.  

 Levi Roads

George W. Bush. I know I should say Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, or someone historical like that, but I enjoyed Bush’s tenure in office purely for the comedy and impersonations.  He used to say and do the funniest things. Remember when he choked while munching on some pretzels? How about the time he threw up on the prime minister of Japan? He was a comedian’s dream. He is greatly missed.

Mendy P.

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