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Sheepshead Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Hosts Ribbon- Cutting Ceremony to Showcase Major Renovations

Sheepshead Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, located at 2840 Knapp St. Brooklyn, NY 11235, will be celebrating their grand reopening after a year of major renovations. The highly-anticipated and exclusive event, will take place on Wednesday, September 18th, and will be attended by several elected officials, including Councilman Chaim Deutsch and Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein, as well as influential community leaders. 

The reopening of this state- of- the- art facility is an enhancement to the community allowing its members to receive top quality care without having  to relocate out of the borough or worry about traveling to multiple locations to get the care they need. “There is a reason why so many patients upon discharge from a hospital after having surgery choose us; they know they can get all their therapies in one spot,” explains Mr. Jerome Kahan, administrator, “and this is beneficial for recovery.” 

 “When new patients walk into any rehab place after a procedure or hospital stay, they often feel anxiety and depressed because of their sudden loss of independence, and it can be psychologically very difficult for recovery,” explains Kahan. But at Sheepshead Nursing & Rehab, that is not the case because careful attention was taken to revamp the location making it look like a high-end hotel all while having the intimate feeling of being at home. No detail was spared during the remodeling, which covered everything from the lobby, individual rooms, and outside space, to the enhanced dining area. The renovated rooms are comfy and elegant with custom made furniture and lighting including quilted headboards. All rooms are equipped with a flat-screen TV and cable programming in a variety of languages to appeal to the diverse population that reside in the 200-bed occupancy facility. To assure that patients get their optimal rest and speedy recovery, Mr. Kahan installed all new electronic beds that have the ability to be lengthened and  widened to accommodate bariatric patients or anyone else with special needs. “It doesn’t look like a health care facility,” says Head of Admissions Tatyana Mishiyeva, “it looks like home.” Special attention is put into the menu so that meals taste like comfort food from home. “Unlike other facilities,” elaborates Kahan, “here we don’t serve meals on food trucks or trays, rather all food is prepared on premises and is served hot and fresh in kettles on steam tables.”  

The sixth floor offers six thousand square feet of advanced  PT, OT, and speech therapy that is incomparable to any other facility. Instead of making it a sterile environment of just machines, Sheepshead Nursing & Rehab designed it to be very patient-friendly. There is a mock supermarket to assist in OT sessions where patients have to reach up to get common grocery items. For PT, they offer a majestic, marine dock where patients can walk on different elevations thereby enhancing their sessions. “Especially after having knee or hip surgery, “ explains Kahan, “ there is a lot of pain involved with therapy, and we wanted to make it a fun place to relieve some of that pain.” 

In addition to the state-of-the-art upgrades, Sheepshead Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is also proud to announce their new bedside dialysis program. This allows those dealing with kidney failure to only endure an hour and a half of treatment (daily) versus the typical four- or five-hour sessions. Instead of having to go on an ambulette to travel to a dialysis center, patents can easily and conveniently get their dialysis right by their bed in the comfort of their own room.  “Patients can relax knowing that they each have their own nephrology nurse who is with them the whole time,” says Mishiyeva. In addition, Dr. Ezra Israel, a leading nephrologist, monitors all dialysis patients. 

Just because someone needs rehab, life doesn’t  have to be on pause. Sheepshead Nursing & Rehab wants its clients to enjoy life, nature, and the outdoors. They have built a beautiful patio so that residents can enjoy outside living and partake in a BBQ. The space is designed with a European flare and has quaint café tables to further enhance the tranquil space. 

Peace of mind and  healing hands, that is what Sheepshead Nursing & Rehab offers its clients.

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